Photos: Dawn at Cañón del Chicamocha

It’s a long time since I have used my DSLR camera, but staying in this amazingly beautiful area inspired me to get it out again. I did a few quick photos and edited them in Lightroom.

At the bottom left is a glimpse of the Chicamocha river. I like the contrasts between the dramatic blown-out sky and clouds, the dark areas in the sides of the canyon, and the many soft grey tones in the rays of light.

I like the general feel of this photo. The softness of the rays of light. The gentle hills. The dramatic contrasts and the soft grey tones in the rays of light.

This is a dramatic photo that reminds me of baroque paintings and graphics, and perhaps especially some Biblical scenes. Apart from the obvious, I like the gently sloping hill in the foreground with the tree and the roof to the lower left. There are a lot of interesting details here.

I like the gentle rays of light, the silhouettes of the tower and trees, and the interesting hill in the middle right. This is a detail from a larger photo.

This is a personal favorite. My attention is first drawn to the dramatic light, and then I notice the many details: The natural pyramid to the right, the bright small dancing clouds, the layers of mountains within the light, the human-made tower which contrasts nature, and the little town lit up by a beam of sunlight in the lower left.

Again, we have the dramatic blown-out clouds and sky, the play of the lines in the landscape, and the soft gradations in the rays of light. The middle landscape holds most of the details in the photo, and feels like a glimpse into a secret world. In the foreground, the vegetation shows up as silhouettes. The bush to the right goes from light on dark to dark on light on the top.

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