Rest and digest

When we follow our inner process, it can sometimes bring up some challenges in how we relate to others and the world. 

For instance, for me, it’s important to take in all the information I can about a situation, try out and get experience with it to the extent possible, and allow it all to rest and digest and see what decisions surface. 

“I” am not making the decisions. It’s not happening intellectually. It’s a decision that emerges. And when it does, it feels right and is in flow and ease.

I also suspect that since the world is always in change, it’s difficult for these answers to emerge a long time before an action is going to happen. 

The challenge for me is that the world is not always set up this way. People and systems sometimes expect us to come up with a decision right away. Or a long time in advance, for instance when it comes to travel and plane tickets. 

The upside of this is that it can bring up unexamined beliefs and assumptions in me, which I can then identify and explore and find what’s more true for me.

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