Dream: Losing everything on a trip

I am traveling alone. At some point, I put my wallet on a counter, turn away for a brief moment, and someone steals it and runs away. I think to myself that I still have my passport, and then realize I don’t know where my suitcases are. I lost track of them at some point and cannot remember when I still had them. I feel disoriented and my nothing seems to stick in my memory. 

This dream resonates in a few different ways.

I am about to go on a long trip and am a bit concerned about just this. I still have covid brain after having had covid in February, and I do feel a bit more disoriented than usual and my mind seems to let things go through without sticking much (AKA poor memory).

I have had two or three dreams with a similar theme of disorientation recently. They may reflect a slight concern I have about it, and that I may not fully acknowledge either this concern or the symptoms or both.

Can I find more peace with these symptoms? I am already used to it due to the brain fog from chronic fatigue (CFS) so it’s not new, it’s just a bit more strong than usual. I have found relative peace with the usual CFS symptoms, so why not the covid brain? (Also, in daily life, I have found several strategies to compensate for it.)

There is also a theme of loss in this dream, as there is in my life. For a variety of reasons, many somewhat outside of my control, I have in different ways lost close to all of my possessions from up to a few years ago. Here too, I have mostly found peace with it and the dream may invite me to find even deeper peace and an even deeper appreciation for it. After all, life is nothing if not impermanence.

Update: This is a few days later. I have for months felt my system wasn’t nourished at a deep level, and I wanted bone broth to nourish my system without being able to have it. (A long story that involves being remote in the Andes.) Now, I have it and I can feel my system being nourished again at a deeper level. It seems my dreams have changed with this nourishment. During the period when I felt I lacked this deep nourishment, my dreams often involved feeling disoriented and confused. Now, they don’t anymore. I am not sure if the two are connected, but it seems likely they may be.

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