Dream: Sentient robots are turning back humans with bad intention

A swarm of sentient flying robots are sent out to assist humans in colonizing a section of space. As humans follow, the robots on their own decide to return humans with bad intentions back to Earth. Humans cannot do anything about it.

This dream is seen from the perspective of this first wave of sentient robots. They are able to analyze a range of biodata to detect who comes with a kind and life-centered orientation, and those who have more narrow and less life-centered intentions. The latter group is sent back to Earth without having any chance to do anything about it.

This has the seed of an interesting science fiction story. And I know the day residue for this particular dream: I started watching the new Matrix movie the night before, and that story has flying sentiment machines that help humanity and life. (At least so far in the movie.)

What does this dream reflect in me? I have been more conscious of not acting on certain impulses in me, especially the grumpiness that can come up when my system is tired and exhausted and I may not have had enough water or food. Last night, I metaphorically “sent back” some of these impulses instead of acting on them. Since I have explored these type of dynamics for some decades now, it may be that the part of me checking and deciding to “send back” certain other parts of me is more automatic and more like a sentient robot.

Of course, there is a difference between sending back and not acting on. One may be a type of repression that doesn’t work in the long term. The other is a more conscious allowing of the experience while not acting on it and is a better approximation of what does work in the longer term.

In my case, last night, I decided to send back some things while knowing what I was doing, and that these parts of me are welcome at other times. It feels like bordering on repressions which brings up some unease in me. Perhaps that’s why this dream came. I am not sure.

The dream may also, for instance, remind me that I have this “gatekeeper” part of me and that it has the ability to help me not act on certain things. It just needs to be activated through some intention.

I’ll stay with the dream and see what comes up.

Note: This dream was like a movie where “I” as a human self was not in it, although all of it is of course sides of me.

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