This human self is happening on its own

This human self is happening on its own. It’s living its own life, like anything else.

This is one of the things that was noticed in the initial awakening shift in my mid-teens. All is God, including this human self. All is God, even any temporary and local sense of fundamentally being this human self. All is God, including God waking up to itself out of this temporary and local sense and into noticing itself as all.

And this includes noticing this human self as living its own life, as happening on its own.

If there is a sense of more fundamentally being something connected with this human self – an observer, doer, or something else – then that’s an invitation for exploration.

I notice my nature is capacity for this too, as it is capacity for any other content of experience. I notice it’s happening within and as what I am, just like anything else.

I can explore how this experience is created in my sense fields. What are the physical sensations and contractions related to it? How is it to rest in this noticing? What are the mental images creating it? What happens when I rest in noticing these as mental images? (Any sense of being anything in particular is created by a combination of physical sensations and mental representations, and resting in noticing these components separately is a good start in seeing through the illusion.)

I can also use The Work of Byron Katie to inquire into any stories connected to it. (I am an observer. I am a doer. I am this physical body. These sensations mean I am an observer. And so on.)

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