The place where the shift happened

My parents are selling the house where I grew up, so it’s been coming to me to make a little video of the place where the oneness shift happened. The shift where oneness recognized itself as all there is, without exception.

As I have written about in a couple of other articles, this happened when I was sixteen years old, after a year of an observer-observed duality that was confusing and disturbing to my human self. I was an atheist at the time with no interest in religion or spirituality, and I assume the shift happened partly as a kind of “safety valve” for teenage angst, awkwardness, and social anxiety.

I walked along a gravel path to the house where I lived with my parents. A big wind went through the landscape. The stars lit up the dark sky above me. And from one moment to the next, I went from being a nerdy teenager to finding myself as the oneness it all happened within and as.

The scenery has changed quite a bit since then. Back then, birch trees lined the road. The road itself was a beautiful gravel road with puddles after rain. The sides of the road were wider and had lots of wildflowers. The modern-looking building was just a regular house. The garbage bins were not there. And I am sure the night sky was a lot darker than it is now. (The roof of my parent’s house can be glimpsed at the end of the short road to the left.)

Also, the shift happened late in the evening between Christmas and New Year, and this video is taken a morning in July!

Why did I make this video and post it here? It’s obviously not anything important, and the answer is that I just felt like it. For a long time, I mostly left out anything person in these writings so it may be time to include a few more personal stories.

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