Dreams: Different locations

I am in the small Southern European island we recently visited. We live there and it’s peaceful, fun, and enjoyable.

I am on our land in the Andes mountain. It’s beautiful and I feel a deep resonance with the land. And I also see difficulties with some of the neighbors. The one we have had the most to do with is standing there unyielding and stubborn like a pole. (Which I can understand since she is relatively poor and wealthy foreigners come and buy land.)

I am in Norway, in the small town where I grew up. We have a small apartment there. Just across the main road, a meditation center has started. It has a good perspective on what they are doing, and it’s alive and thriving. A lot of people are there and there is a very active community. There are also smaller groups in each neighborhood. I am happily surprised and enjoy the aliveness of it very much.

I often feel that the nights are almost infinitely long these days (which is very enjoyable), and full of rich dreams. These were three of the dreams last night.

Why these dreams?


The obvious answer is that we are considering all three options for living, at least part-time. The dreams may reflect this processing, and may also support the processing in that they emphasize aspects of these three options I could be more conscious of.

When we were in Norway this summer, it was far more enjoyable than it has often been in the past. I and my wife both felt far more at home there. (Oslo is becoming more cosmopolitan, which we enjoy. And there is another reason which I won’t go into here since it involves others.)

When we were in the South European island a couple of weeks ago, we both sensed that living there would be peaceful, relaxing, and fun.

And in our land in the Andes mountains, we have already experienced what the dream pointed to. Some of the neighbors are stubborn and not very happy about foreigners coming there, buying up land, and driving up the prices so the locals cannot afford land anymore. I completely sympathize, even if I am part of that problem.

We are exploring all the options. Taking in as much information as we can. Take one step at a time. And see how it all unfolds.


There is also another side to this, and that is that dreams are a mirror for me, just as the waking world is and any imaginations I have. The dream figures and dynamics are parts and dynamics in myself. And dreams are often showing me emerging dynamics or sides of myself I can benefit from being more aware of.

All of these places from the dreams are parts of myself. I can easily find each one in me.

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