A quick glimpse from a café visit

I went to a café this morning (Ancestral Panadería) and sat down with a nice tea and some food.

Shortly after, two business people sat down at the table next to me. Their conversation was loud and intense and often overlapping, and I noticed a reaction come up in me.


I notice the whole scene happening within and as what I am.

It’s all happening within and as the consciousness I am to myself.

It’s like a dream that way. Dreams happen within and as what I am. Waking life happen within and as what I am.


I notice a reaction in me. It’s a familiar reaction to loud sounds. My stress level goes up. I notice a thought come up: They are intense. And some background thoughts with less charge: They are inconsiderate. Why don’t they have a meeting in their office?

I notice that these are thoughts, and they are my thoughts. They happen here.

I notice I am the one who is intense at that moment. They actually look relatively relaxed.

I notice I am inconsiderate in that moment. They are just two people talking in a café. That’s what cafés are for. Who am I to mentally tell them to quiet down?

I notice I don’t know their situation. Maybe they are travelling? Maybe they are from different businesses and find it convenient to meet there? Maybe they can’t use their office for whatever reason? Maybe they don’t have an office?


I notice all of this and keep noticing it.

I take a few conscious breaths and allow my body to relax.

I have finished my tea and food, and have been here for a while longer reading the notes for an upcoming Vortex Healing class. (Awakening to Divinity.)

I notice there is still some stress coming up in me from my reaction to the situation.

What’s the kindest action here?

Instead of staying longer, as I normally would, I decide to get up, pay my bill, and say “hasta luego” to the people working there and the café. And plan to come back another time.


There are always many layers to these situations, even if they are simple, ordinary, and apparently don’t matter so much in the big picture.

Smaller moments like this do matter, of course. Our life is made up of these.

It’s always an opportunity to notice more consciously what I am and what the world is to me.

It’s an opportunity to notice any reactivity in me. Notice it’s in me and mine. And make a mental note to explore it further now or at another time.

It’s an opportunity to see what the kindest action is for myself and sometimes for others.

And it’s an opportunity to take action.

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