An eye related synchronicity

I optimized my eyes this morning using Vortex Healing, went to a coffee shop, and noticed this message from the barista after I had finished the cup.

It’s definitely synchronicity – a meaningful coincidence.

It could be that optimizing my eyes made them more beautiful. Optimizing any organ or system helps them function better, energizes them, and clears any blocks in the energy channels in and to that organ or system.

And it was certainly a beautiful message to receive. It’s a reminder of how much apparently small acts of kindness can mean to others and oneself.

I have experienced these types of things several times before.

One memorable experience was when I lived in Oregon and spent some days or weeks deepening into the Christ meditation and the ongoing Jesus / Heart prayer. When I do that, the presence of Christ throughout my system becomes very noticeable. I sat on a bus. The woman in front of me turned around without having looked at me first. And said: Are you Jesus?

I laughed and said “no”, but it would perhaps have been more useful and validating to say “no, but I have done a lot of prayers lately so I sense that Christ is here”.

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