Dream: I have ancient coins from around the world

I am in Norway, on the coast (Drøbak area), with my wife, father, and a group of young adults. We share an interest with the group of people. My father is driving, and he needs coins to pay an entrance fee or toll. We all go through our coins to contribute. I find my share, and also notice I have a large number of ancient coins from different cultures around the world, and I have gotten them without effort. They just came to me and I picked them up.

What do the coins represent? I assume something of value since they were valuable in their own time and are still very valuable. Perhaps ancient knowledge? Timeless insights?

Much of what I write about in these articles is relatively timeless and universal, although obviously filtered through me who is a child of my culture and time. And it did come to me relatively effortlessly. Most of it, and the essence of all of it, came in the initial spontaneous awakening shift in my teens. I didn’t see it echoed by others untial several years later.

I also have modern coins, which may be the knowledge required for our modern society.

Why the group of young people? We like them and get along well with them and there is a sense of community, perhaps because we all have similar interests. (I am not sure exactly what, but likely in sustainability and spirituality.)

Why Norway and my father? It may have to do with my roots in this life, and also where I was during the initial awakening shift.

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