Dream: At my uncle’s cabin

I am at my uncle’s cabin with my father, brother, and cousin. We are going out in my uncle’s home made canoe. It’s very large and heavy, and in three separate segments that each can be its own canoe. My father falls and goes under water inside one of the canoes, and my brother and cousin don’t seem to be concerned about it. I pull him up again.

I have had several dreams about my uncle’s cabin. Each time it’s the same cabin in the same location which is different from the real-life cabin and location. In my dreams, the cabin is dark, in a dark forest, and by a narrow and long lake.

I suspect that this dream has to do with my family inheritance – in terms of culture and psychological mindset. It feels heavy, dark, cumbersome, and far less efficient and light than could be possible.

My father goes underwater, perhaps submerged by somewhat stagnant emotions, and my brother and cousin don’t seem to mind. I am the only one taking action to pull him out.

This part of my family is from an area of Norway (Hedmark) with big dark woods and a stoic mindset where you grin and bear it and don’t talk about what’s going on with you. I have a sense that the darkness of the cabin and forest, the cumbersome and heavy canoe, and going underwater, all reflect that mindset and culture.

Since I grew up with this, and since it’s happening in my dream, this is all part of me. This dream, and my other dreams about this cabin, show me this part of me.

The dreams say: Here it is. See how it feels in your system. Bring awareness to it. And see what happens. How is it to recognize this energy in you? What happens when you relate to it more consciously?

In waking life, my uncle’s cabin – which is now owned by my cousin and his wife – is open and light, in a much more open area next to a wildflower meadow, and on a much larger and open lake. So the dream-maker in me is obviously transforming it into something much darker. My uncle was a kind of hero of mine when I was little, especially because he had a strong nature connection (he was a biologist) and lived a to me exotic life (he and his family lived in Tanzania for some years). On the other hand, he also had a quite stubborn and judgmental mindset which I discovered later.

In waking life, I am in the Andes mountains and in a culture that seems very different from what I associate with my father’s side of the family. Perhaps that’s why this comes up in my dreams these days? Perhaps it’s easier for me to notice this energy in me since it contrasts more with my waking environment and experiences?

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