Dream: I need chemotherapy to get rid of plastic particles in my body

I am about to receive a kind of chemotherapy to remove plastic particles in my system. The nurse is kind and helpful. I notice a lot of naked fear come up.

I am not sure what this dream is about.

The plastic particles are artificial. They don’t belong in my body. They are low-grade toxic. The treatment is very strong and somewhat unpleasant. The nurse, the one administering the treatment, is kind and good-hearted. And naked and pure fear comes up in me.

That’s the essence. Beyond that, I am not sure but I have a suspicion of what it generally may be about.

Two days ago, I received a powerful healing from NH, and my first impulse when waking from this dream was to ask her about the dream. I intuited it had to do with her healing session for me.

Since my teens, I have noticed that when I check in internally, I cannot find a center line. It’s as if there are multiple center lines. I have also sensed that this has to do with trauma and parts of my system and consciousness not fully being in my body.

That’s what NH, as the first healer I have worked with, picked up on and worked on. And I wonder if this dream is connected with that process.

The plastic may reflect something artificial in me. In a sense, any belief is artificial. It’s the “head above the head” that some in Zen talk about. It’s an addition to our nature and a simpler and more direct way of living. In this context, the plastic may be the painful and fearful beliefs and traumas that make it difficult for me to fully be in the physical body and embody and live this life.

NH is kind and good-hearted, just like the nurse in the dream.

She is giving me strong treatment. It feels soft and gentle, and also very powerful.

And a lot of naked fear in me is coming up. This is the fear holding the partial disembodiment in place.

The dream may show me some of what’s going on around this, and also that the fearful beliefs behind the disembodiment are – in a sense – artificial and don’t belong.

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