Experience of time and age

Earlier today, I met with two friends (BB and KL) I haven’t seen for a very long time. It felt like no time had passed. And it was also obvious that we all have lived a full life between then and now.

In the beginning, we also talked a bit about our experience of time and age.

It’s common for people to feel they are still young, even in old age. And that’s not surprising.

Fundamentally, to ourselves, we are consciousness, and consciousness has no age. This is more fundamental to us than our human self which obviously does go through life and ages.

I find I fundamentally am consciousness, and the world to me happens within and as consciousness. Time and space and anything else happen within and as what I am. I am what’s free of time (aka timelessness) that time happens within and as. I am what’s free of space (spacelessness) that space happens within and as. I am what’s free of things (no-thing) that things happen within and as. And so on.

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