Dream: Soul friends

I am having a breakdown and am with friends for some days. I love their company and feel nurtured and supported. I am very grateful for them and life.

I notice I feel embarrassed about the “breakdown” label, but that’s the one I used in the dream. I was completely comfortable with my friends in the dream, so I was also comfortable using that label and any label. I was completely comfortable being myself and reflecting my experience in words.

By breakdown, I meant exhausted and overwhelmed. And that reflects aspects of my waking life. I am in Norway helping my parents get their house ready for sale, and it does feel overwhelming in some ways. (I am doing fine and am good at resting and doing it in portions, but in my mind, it can feel exhausting and overwhelming, especially when I imagine into the future.)

I am blessed with soul friends like the ones in the dream. I have soul friends I feel nurtured and comfortable with. (In waking life, they are spread out around the world, and in the dream, several were in one place. I notice I miss having more in one place, where I live. I miss an in-person community like that.)

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