Synchronicity: Transforming my inner parents and a visit

My wife and I are at my parents’ house this summer to get it ready for sale. We are sorting through a lifetime of things, including some of mine from early in my life. My parents moved into an assisted living apartment earlier in the summer.

I have been working on being a more conscious father and mother for myself for a long time, and continue that exploration. It’s heightened, in some ways, because of the sorting and cleaning which feels symbolic in itself.

Yesterday, someone I know through social media contacted me. He is a Vortex Healer from Sweden and will be in Oslo for a few days, and asked if we had a place for him to stay one or a few nights. We said yes, especially as he can stay in my father’s room which we just cleaned.

Our visitor is a healer and therapist and seems like a wise, kind, and grounded person.

Just now, I realized that his first name is the same as my father’s name (it’s an old Norwegian name although it’s not very common these days), and he will be sleeping in the bed of my father. He will, quite literally, and for a few days, replace my father.

This feels like a synchronicity. I have done a lot of work on being a more conscious, kind, and wise father and mother for myself. (To talk with and relate to myself as a good father and mother would.) And now, another person with my father’s name, who seem to have those characteristics, will visit and sleep in his bed for a few days.

Update with a few more aspects to the synchronicity: It turns out that his father’s first name is the same as mine, and the name of the town in Sweden he is from is part of my last name and it was my father’s full last name growing up.

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