Dream: A device that erases the painful charge of past events

My partner and I try a device that erases the painful charge of past events between us, and our relationship is far more fun, easy, creative, and flowing.

This was more of an image or a brief sequence than an unfolding story. My wife and I try a device that erases the charge we experienced from past painful dynamics between us, and our relationship feels fresh and new and has much more ease.

Some dreams are quite literal and to the point, and this is one of those. In waking life, my partner and I are very aware that our current relationship is colored by painful past dynamics, and we both need to work more on it.

Currently, I am using ho’oponopono to help me shift my relationship to those dynamics, her, and me. I visualize us in one of those past situations and say the four sentences. Ho’o is a good start, and to go deeper, we’ll need inquiry and perhaps energy work, in addition to conversations and actually changing how we act when things are triggered in each of us.

It’s not about forgetting anything. It’s about seeing more clearly what’s here. The charge reflects that something is unresolved, and the more resolved, the less need there is for that charge.

At one level, what’s happening is an interaction between her and my old hangups. We both have parts of us that are suffering and that, in some situations, get triggered. This is good in that they are brought to the surface. It can destroy our relationship if we don’t examine what’s going on. And it is an invitation and opportunity for each of us to examine what’s coming up in us, get to know it, befriend these suffering parts in us, find some healing in how we relate to what’s triggered (in us) and the trigger (in the other), and so on.

So why did this dream come up? It partly reflects what I and we are consciously working on. And it’s an image that serves as a reminder and reference point for me.

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