Dream: Unlimited embodiment

I read a book called “Unlimited Embodiment”. It’s very good and written by someone with extensive experience with embodiment and awakening, and a background from Vajrayana Buddhism (likely Bhutan).

This was more of a dream image than a narrative dream.

I would very much like to read a book with that title, written by someone with extensive experience.

Embodiment is very interesting to me. Awakening and embodiment go hand-in-hand and are really two sides of the same process. Embodiment is part of the awakening process. It clarifies and grounds the awakening. The natural movement of awakening is embodiment.

What is awakening? For me, it’s noticing what I more fundamentally am, and noticing that it’s my more fundamental nature noticing itself.

What is embodiment? It’s living from and as my more fundamental nature recognizing itself.

To me, it seems that both are endless. There is always more to notice and clarity. There is always further to go in living from it. Our human self – body, mind, and life in the world – keeps transforming and maturing in this process.

So yes, embodiment is unlimited.

Why Vajrayana Buddhism? I have a deep resonance with Vajrayana Buddhism with its inclusivity, Earthiness, and shamanic elements. I love it and have a lot of respect for it. (And did practice within it for a while a long time ago.) To me, it seems grounded and Earthy and seems to emphasize or reflect embodiment more than many other traditions.

Why Bhutan? Perhaps because their Buddhist tradition is more unbroken? (In Tibet, China has interfered a lot with Buddhism and Buddhist life and practice.)

Why did this dream come now? I am not sure. Perhaps to show me that it’s happening more than I sometimes think? I have worked a lot on healing issues in me, and that’s an important part of embodiment. It opens space for a more real and effortless embodiment.

Yesterday, I noticed that several things seemed more gone than I had noticed before, especially my dreams about the future, the things I wanted to do and achieve, and my role in the world. (These wore off since my life took another path due to my physical condition.) I am more just living here and now and enjoying a simple life. That’s part of the embodiment, and perhaps the dream is reminding me of this.

Another thing I notice is that I would love to write a book on embodiment, and Unlimited Embodiment seems a great title.


Dream fragment s20 

  • a book called unlimited embodiment
  • From someone with a Varyana Buddhist background (bhutan) 

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