Portrait sculptures – AI

A selection of bronze portrait sculptures imagined and virtually sculpted and cast by me and Midjourney.

Why do I make these?

I love imagining things I would like to see in the world and AI is one way to do it. Here, I wanted to explore making (depictions of) sculptures with a certain feel I don’t see so often in real life.

I find it interesting to create visual representations of what I would like to do if had the skills to make it physically. I did art (drawing, painting) full-time in my late teens and early twenties and would have explored sculptures if I had continued.

And it’s also fascinating to see how the AI works, what it’s currently good and less good at, and what we can come up with together. Midjourney is currently pretty good as sculptures and still lacks a bit when it comes to creating high-quality artistic photos and paintings.

See below for more images in this series.

For more of my AI imaginations, see my Instagram account.


I decided to include the original full gallery here.

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