Two synchronicities

I thought I would share two recent minor but meaningful coincidences (the definition of synchronicity).

On Thursday, I was on a Zoom call (Collapse Acceptance) to celebrate the life of Michael Dowd. There were about 200 people on the call, mostly from North America, Europe, and Australia. At some point, we were divided into random groups of five to share our experience with Michael. (I met him first time in the ’90s and he has been important in my life.) When we shared where we are from, it turned out that a woman in my group is planning to move to the tiny village in the Andes mountains where I have a small house and regeneration project. Out of all the people in the world, and the 200 in the Zoom call, the two of us ended up in the same small group and were able to connect. It was definitely a meaningful coincidence. A second coincidence is that MD’s son also lives in that small village and I have heard about him but didn’t know he was MD’s son before this meeting.

Yesterday, my brother sent me an image of a group portrait from 1922 of a small community choir. It’s hanging in the assisted living home where my parents are these days. He said: “Can you see Alfhild?” Alfhild is my father’s mother. Apparently, in this care home, on the same floor as where my parents are, and only a few meters from their apartment, hangs a photo of my father’s mother. It wouldn’t be so surprising if they all had lived in the same town or village. But this care home is in a small town in another country (Akershus) from where my father grew up (Hedmark) and where his parents lived. (More than 150 kilometers distance which is significant in Norway.)

The image above is the one my brother sent me, slightly color-corrected and cropped.

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