Own AI images: Turner, Hertervig, Munch (exploring Midjourney v6)

The new version of Midjourney (v6) came out a few days ago, so I thought I would explore it and see how it’s different from v5. My first impression is that some of the painting styles is much better than before, I’ll need to explore more how to create images of sculptures since my old prompts are not very successful, it knows a little more about the world as advertised, and the compositions are better than v5.

The first two images are created with a combination of four image prompts and a brief text prompt. They are oil sketches in the style of William Turner, and much improved compared with v5. The composition is generally better, the brush strokes are more often visible and more realistic, and I also like the colors more. If I had seen these two without context, I would have thought they were originals from Turner.

The next two are created in the same way, with a combination of image and text prompts. I used four or five images of paintings by Lars Hertervig (a Norwegian painter from the 1850s and 1860s) and a text prompt asking for a southern coast landscape from Norway with crooked fir trees and clouds. The images will bring Lars Hertervig to mind to anyone who knows his art, although they don’t exactly hit his style. Also, the brush strokes and painting technique is decidedly more modern than what you see from that era. Still, there is something interesting about those images.

Then there are two in the style of Edvard Munch. Again, there is something interesting about both, although few would mistake them for his actual work. They are too superficial and slick in style and lack personality and soul. It may be because I didn’t use image prompts for these, I am not sure.

As I mentioned above, my old prompts for creating images of sculptures don’t work very well with v6. I discovered that if I specify stone as the material (instead of bronze as I did with v5), it gives a result I enjoy much more.

In general, it’s been fun to explore and I’ll likely continue to explore off and on as it comes to me.

Note: I know the point of AI images is not to create works that could be mistaken for a particular artist, but I am exploring it here to get a sense of the possibilities and limits of MJ6.

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