Getting closer to 10,000 articles

This website is coming up to 10,000 articles. There are 9,374 published articles. 4,4476 unpublished articles of various stages of completion from finished to notes. And about 100 “collection” articles with perhaps 10-20 shorter articles in each. Including the shorter articles, it’s very approximately 10,000 published articles. (The first post was in 2002. That means about 850 published regular articles each year which is 2.3 articles per day. Of course, quantity is not quality!)

For some years, I wrote about three articles a day, and that has slowed down for the last several years. These days, it has slowed down even more. I write when the “spirit” comes over me, when I am unable to not write something. I write mostly just to get it out. (I used to write about these things in my own paper journals, and decided to write it here instead in case others would find some of it interesting, useful, entertaining, or even annoying which is also useful in its own way.)

Although I have a good deal of experience with some of what I write about, I am far from an expert in any of it. There are always others with more experience, clarity, maturity, and so on. Personally, I love the reports of “ordinary” people, including when they share from their healing, awakening, and maturing process.

So why not share some of my process here? Not because it’s special or from an expert. (It’s not more or less special than that of anyone else.) But because it’s ordinary. It’s one person’s story and journey.

Where is this going? I have no idea.

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