Dreams: Japanese CEO & Chinese Herbalist

I start work with a small Japanese company. As I arrive, the owner greets me, introduces me to the others there, and tells everyone I will take his position and run the company from now on. I tell him I lack experience and he says that’s perfect – I am perfect for the job and he has full confidence in me.

– dream yesterday

I have known an old Chinese herbalist for a while. At some point, he gives me a tincture. It’s a kind of ceremony and a group of people who knows us both are watching. Most don’t like the tincture but it was fine for me. After I drink it, there is a big shift into a psychedelic experience. His face is suddenly close, he sings an intense song with a very strange voice. It’s the beginning of a healing journey to heal from the CFS and feeling so profoundly off track in life.

– dream this morning

Since the Amma experience in November, I have only remembered a handful of dreams which is very unusual for me. I had these two dreams in a row, so maybe something is shifting again there.

What’s the first dream about? What may it reflect in my waking life? I am in charge (co-charge) of the land in the Andes, and have people doing different types of projects there. In a way, I am the leader (co-leader) of that project. Similarly, in Norway, I am in charge of a project there. What may it reflect in my inner life? Maybe I am becoming slightly more comfortable taking the lead, including in my own life?

What’s the second dream about? I suspect that the CFS is related to feeling profoundly off track in life. It came when I was fifteen, after a period of feeling very lost. It returned several years into a marriage where I similarly felt very lost. I have tried many things to find healing for both and find a way to feel more on track again, as I did for several years. I had hoped I would feel more deeply on track again with the regeneration project in the Andes, which I do, but the situation is a little too unsettled so far. I am now back in Norway and have a taste of feeling on track here, although I will only be here for a few months. Was the dream triggered by being here and tasting feeling on track again? Does it reflect a deeper process in me, independent of Norway and perhaps even the project in the Andes?

These are things for me to continue to explore – being the daily leader of my life, finding a deeper healing for my health, and finding a way to feel more deeply on track.

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