Dream: Black vessel in the ground

I am in Latin America and have been innocently convicted of something along with several others. There are several large round ceramic vessels in the ground with only the opening visible. We are all to spend ten days in a vessel like this, either alone or with one other. The woman overseeing it all is surprisingly friendly and kind.


A few things come up right away:

In the dream, I am in Latin America, which has been an important part of my life in recent years. This dream brings up associations with nature and shamanism, and the dream feels shamanic and nature centric.

The night before, I read in the news about a Norwegian couple convicted for a crime more than two decades ago, and they are trying to have a retail since a lot of new evidence has surfaced since then. I suspect they are innocent, as I did even back then. A part of me has a fear of being falsely accused.

The woman is surprisingly kind and friendly as if the process is not inherently as terrible as it may seem.

The vessel in the ground seems to point to a kind of shamanic or alchemical process. It’s in the Earth – which gives us life – and is a kind of womb. A vessel for a kind of gestation process.

When my attention goes deep into processes in me, and when certain things come to the surface, it is a bit like being underground. It’s the nigredo phase of an alchemical process, the blackening.

I am not alone. Several others will go through the same process. I may even share the vessel with someone, if I am lucky, someone tells me.

The ten days seem symbolic. It’s a round number in the decimal system. In terms of fingers and toes, it’s a complete number.


And a bit more detail:

Do I falsely accuse myself? I likely do, even if I am not always aware of it. Parts of me may accuse me under the surface, creating stress and tension. This is an angle I want to be more aware of. I may accuse myself for not being good enough, not sociable enough, and so on, mainly based on childhood experiences.

Do I falsely accuse others? I sometimes do when something in me gets triggered, and it mostly happens in my own mind. (It spills out into the wider world occasionally.) When I get triggered, it’s good to notice if and how I falsely accuse others.

When life goes against the wishes of my personality, and when old trauma and unhealed things come to the surface, my mind can interpret it as being falsely accused and punished by life. I don’t deserve it. I didn’t do anything to make it happen. Even if that’s true, it’s beside the point. This is life. Life sometimes goes against what we wish and hope for. Life sometimes brings up pain. It’s universal. It’s shared by all living beings.

The kind and friendly overseer may be a guide – a sophia (wisdom figure) or a psychopomp (guide of souls). Like everything else in the dream, she represents a part of me.

My life situation is creating a kind of vessel for me these days since I am mostly alone, reflective, connected with nature, do qigong, notice my nature, and so on.

Going into the Earth for ten days and then re-emerging is a kind of death and rebirth. It’s a birth from the womb. It’s a reminder that I am from the Earth, or – more to the point – that I am the Earth taking this temporary form.

I am not alone. Several others are going through the same process. That’s certainly true in life. What I experience is what innumerable others have experienced, with slight variations in flavor. It’s universal. The essence of it is likely shared by all living beings, by all consciousnesses connected with a living being. Also, I am not alone in that I have a partner, friends, and family.

The ten days is a finite and relatively short number, similar to a vision quest. Maybe it’s a reminder that this phase of the transformation process – which seems frightening and undesirable to parts of me – is more finite and short than parts of me fear?


When I go back into the dream and feel into it… Fear comes up. Fear of confinement. Claustrophobia. Fear of not being in control. Fear of being at the mercy of others.

When I imagine myself in one of the vessels… It feels difficult to breathe. I feel enclosed. It feels the way it does when some deep unresolved issues come up in me and they seem to fill my whole world. (Anger, sadness, anxiety.)

The woman, just through her presence, is encouraging to me. She helps me relax into the process.

It feels like a process of maturation. The best kind of humbling. Earthiness. (Letting go of ideas of light and ideals.) It feels brave. Real. Earthy. It feels like joining non-human fellow Earth-beings in their matter-of-fact way of living their life. It feels like being soil, dark crumbly nourishing life-giving soil.

Soil is soil, it doesn’t try to be anything else. It has no idea of wanting to be anything else. It just is, and nourishes and gives life. I can find that in myself and explore how it is to live from and as it.

In a very literal and real sense, I am Earth. This living system we call Earth takes this temporary and local form. The soil itself takes this temporary, local, and mobile form. It’s not poetry or a metaphor, it’s how it is.

The image is created by me and Midjourney. In the dream, the vessels were completely buried in the Earth with just the opening above ground. This illustration is a cross-section to show the shape of the vessel.

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