Dream: Destroying a destructive automaton

I am with a group of people I like a lot. They are all my age and deeply committed to awakening, maturing, exploration, and so on. There is also a kind of shapeshifting automaton that can take on several different forms, including humans. It’s creating a lot of problems, and is not needed anymore. We spend a long time trying to destroy it. It finally disintegrates into smaller components, and I knew that these would take on other and far more interesting and less destructive forms.

The only person I know in the group is someone I know from my university days (VD), and am still in contact with. We communicated earlier that day, so he was on my mind.

The automaton was not sentient. It was a kind of shapeshifting robot, taking on many different forms. My sense is that it represents destructive family patterns. Some of these have been on my mind since they are coming up more strongly in someone in my immediate family who is sick and under a lot of stress. One of these patterns is blaming others if something goes wrong, as a kind of automatic and not very conscious reaction. The automaton may reflect these patterns. They are not conscious. They are automatic. They can take many different forms and expressions. They are destructive. When I act on them and become identified with them, they take on a human form (me).

We destroyed it by smashing it with the end of a board. Later in the day, I realize this reminds me of seeing someone in Latin America killing a snake with a board in a similar way.

In the dream, we take decisive action and destroy the automaton, allowing its component to reform into something else that’s more interesting and healthy. In waking life, my pattern has been to explore and bring things into awareness, and see how it unfolds from there. The exploration has been active, but there hasn’t been so much active engagement in decisively changing old patterns. That’s likely needed, and the dream shows me the way. It’s a reminder of my medicine.

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