I woke up and noticed a decision

I am going to the cabin today to drop off a few things and do a small and much-needed repair.

Yesterday, I wasn’t sure whether I would go for one day or several. The work I need to do there is all outdoors (repair, tar the walls) and the forecast is for rain from Thursday of. (It’s summer so it’s difficult to know what the weather will be.) I also need to do a couple of things here at the house.

I decided to sleep on it. This morning, when I woke up, I noticed a decision: Go for the day, drop off the things, and do the small repair. Then you can go for longer when the forecast is more clear.

That’s how I prefer to do it, if possible. Gather information. Consider different options. Imagine myself into the different situations and options. And let the decision make itself. It may take some time, and it comes when the time is right.

This is really how it is with it everything. There are thoughts, feelings, words, actions, choices, ideas about this human self and a me and I, and they all make themselves. They live their own life. They all happen as everything happens.

The image is from the way home after the trip, at half past ten at night.

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