Including children in daily activities

Yes, this is the natural approach. (I am not sure we have been “lied to” since many still include children in their daily activities.)

This is how we humans have evolved. In a tribe or small village, children are naturally included in daily life activities to the extent they are able, and – in most cases – it’s enjoyable for both the adults and the children. It’s also important for the community as a whole since that’s how knowledge and experience are passed on.

If the joint activities are limited to play and recreational activities, it can still be enjoyable, but something is missing.

I have often thought about this. As a child, I wanted to be included in my father’s activities much more than I was. He enjoyed doing things on his own – gardening work, repairs, restoring antique furniture, building birdhouses, etc. – and rarely included me or anyone else. The few times I was included are still some of my favorite memories from childhood.

This may have contributed to feeling excluded, an outsider, that others know things and I don’t, not trusting my own abilities and knowledge, abandoning my own inner guidance, and that I don’t have anything to contribute. That’s still a theme in my life.

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