From the archive: Yello – Live at the Roxy

Since I use this blog mostly as a journal, I occasionally put some more personal things here.

I am going through some of my old things from my teens and early twenties, and found this album which I absolutely loved in my early teens. I loved Yello in general, along with Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Zang Tumb Tuum artists, Laurie Anderson, and others.

My wife will say that my love for Yello: Live at the Roxy is an expression of my venus in Aquarius. I guess that also means I love to explore new things, including music that’s new to me, so I have gone through many phases since then – Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Meredith Monk, Huun Huur Tu, African, Latin, and so on.

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