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Tags organized by topic

Me and the website

Currently | Autobiography

Own dreams | Own photos | Own synchronicities | Energy sketches

Own inquiry | Own dialog | Dialog with someone who has lived eons

This blog | Absent of I


Essential topic – I started this tag in 2018 so only articles after that time are included

Brief Notes – many interesting notes are “buried” in these collections!


Small & big interpretation of awakening – AKA psychological and spiritual interpretations

Awakening | Awakening process | No self

Awakeness | Awareness

Consciousness | Oneness

Capacity | Capacity for the world | Emptiness | Void

Spirit | God | Big Mind

Spiritual crisis | Spiritual emergency | Dark night

Awakening myths


Who & what we are

Who & what we are

Sense fields | Three centers

Capacity for the world | Love | Oneness | Stillness & Silence

Identification | Beliefs | Thoughts | Stories

Fear | Free will | Surrender | Preferences

Authenticity | Inner guidance | Quiet voice

Impermanence | Infinite causes

Health & Healing

Health | Healing

Chronic Fatigue | Lyme disease

Approaches to healing and awakening

Befriend & Awaken | Waking up issues – the practice I mostly use these days

Basic meditation – notice & allow

How it works – about the dynamics of a range of practices and explorations

Inquiry | Living Inquiries | The Work of Byron Katie

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) | Vortex Healing | Breema Bodywork

Ho’oponopono | Heart Prayer / Jesus Prayer | Christ Meditation | Prayer

Gratitude | Thank you

Big Mind Process | Process Work | Parts Work

Allowing | Being with | Give it over to the divine | Welcoming

Natural Rest | Shikantaza | Mindfulness

Satsang | Shaktipat | Practice

Emergency Tools – for when our process gets strong and overwhelming


Life 101 | Psychology 101

Collections of brief notes

Brief notes on healing and awakening and occasionally personal things

Reflections on society, politics, and nature

These are collections of brief articles. They are often more unfiltered, less edited, and on topics not necessarily covered by stand-alone articles.

Spiritual teachers

Adyashanti | Byron Katie

Jeff Foster | Matt Licata

A.H. Almaas / Hameed Ali

Ric Weinman

Mystics and poets

Hafiz | Meister Eckhart


Deep time & big picture

Deep time | Universe story | Epic of evolution | Big history

Overview effect

Evolutionary psychology

Culture change

Dialog with someone who has lived for eons


Buddhism | Christianity | Mysticism | Advaita | Zen

Jesus | Christ

Religion | Atheism | Theism | Nontheism | Panentheism



Ken Wilber | Integral map


Sustainability | Culture Change

Deep Time | Deep Ecology | Epic of evolution | Big History

Overshoot | Ecological Footprint | Ecocide


Joanna Macy | Arne Næss

Society, politics & science

Society | Culture

Politics | Science | History | Evolution

Space exploration | Overview effect

Conspiracy theories | UFOs


Psychology | Projections | Shadow | Subpersonalities


Ecopsychology | Evolutionary psychology

Jung | Alchemy | Synchronicity | dreams

Art, poetry, music, movies

Movies | Music | Poetry | Art