Inviting feedback and comments from readers

I am curious about who is reading this blog, so if you’d like to post a comment or feedback here – whether you are a new or regular reader – please go ahead!

Anything goes, including thoughts you have along the lines of “he’s …” and “this is …” Chances are, you are right, and seeing it may help me find it for myself as well. What is it that I am not seeing?

Also, what – if anything – do you find helpful for yourself? What would you like to see more of? Less of?

I am writing this blog mostly for my own benefit, although if someone gets something out of it beyond that, even better! You may discover something by exploring for yourself something referred to in these writings, or you may realize that “no, that’s definitely not how it is for me” which also helps you clarify it for yourself.

(With this new design, to place a comment click on the title of the post, and then on Comment in the green box appearing to the right.)

Note on labels

Note: this is outdated information.

I plan to move this blog to WordPress which should resolve some current shortcomings, including the limit of 20 posts shown when you select a label. For now, if you wish to read posts with a particular label…

  1. Click on the label
  2. Add “?max-results=200” to the URL
  3. Enter

For instance, to read all posts on inquiry, the URL would look like this:

Revising my ideas about this blog

Reality periodically comes up against my beliefs and ideas of how this blog should be, and when it does, it is time to revise my attachment to those ideas. This blog is already more of an online journal than a blog as I think of it (frequently linking to other sites and posts, a place for lively comments and discussion and so on), so I’ll just settle with having it be a log of one person’s journey.

What this blog is, for me…

  • A journal of some aspects of one phase of one person’s journey (leaving out most of my life, but including the parts I find more interesting to explore in writing.)
  • A way to explore some select and few parts of my life more in detail.
  • A depository for some of what the mind produces, allowing space for something else to come in (if it wants.)
  • Only temporary and limited insights, at best.
  • Allowing for repeated themes, as long and as often as they come up on their own (it means there is more processing to do there.)
  • Written for my own benefit, mostly.

What it is not…

  • A comprehensive journal of my life (obviously.)
  • Reflecting any final insights (any insight is only temporary and limited.)
  • A blog that links to a great deal of other blogs and sites.
  • Written for others (although if anyone finds anything interesting or helpful to them here, they are of course welcome to read it…!)

New look!

After sticking with the not-so-attractive blogger templates for a while, I decided to go for a more earthy and simplified look. This template was developed by Derek Punsalan at 5thrityone.

(I hope the text is not too small? Will take a look at the source to see if I can make the default size a little larger.)

Blogisattva awards

The Blogisattva awards for 2006 have been announced. The winner of the blog of the year award is Integral Options Café, which is well deserved for its quality, consistency and comprehensiveness (it is one of the few blogs I regularly read.) The rest of the list is also worth taking a look at.

The premier award, Blog of the Year, Svaha!, goes to Bill Harryman’s Integral Options Café [link] the fulsome and intellectually hefty — yet fun, smooth, easy and delightful — carnival of information and insight. Bill has a broad and sophisticated palate of what is worthwhile and interesting and has an ability to sweep his readers in to his world of treasures and responsible living. We learn to stay fit; eat right; take care of body and mind, but we are not being lectured to by a finger-wagging nag. Bill gives us things to do, fun to find and insights that come from his challenging, interesting life and then adds thoughtful essays that are finely crafted, masterfully done, about Buddhism informed by Integral theory.