The other side

I feel I should correct the one-sided ending of the previous post

The process of individuation, of becoming more fully, deeply, richly human, of bringing the soul into this life, and of awakening as what we already are, it is not really one that is likely to make us lonely, not even in a conventional way. In becoming more fully human, we also become more mature and more deeply ordinary. And this is exactly what most of us are looking for in our friends. If anything, it makes for easier, deeper, richer friendships, and more numerous as well if we are looking for that.

The process only becomes an obstacle if abstractions becomes more important than the lived life, if there are still strong shadows there, a strong belief in certain ideas, a strong attachment to certain identities and images. And if these are present, then it is only natural that others will shy away from it. It is valuable feedback to ourselves.