Of the many techniques I am aware of for untying knots, it seems that the Byron Katie inquiries may be among the ones easiest to study. The focus is specific, and the outcome equally specific (the belief in a particular thought falls away, reduced stress, and increased sense of clarity).

It would be interesting to look at…

  • Long and short terms outcomes
    • The longer term general effects of regularly doing inquiry
    • The short-term effects of working on a particular issue
  • In terms of…
    • Self-reported changes
      Standarized tests of stress, addictions, beliefs, empathy, contentment, and so on

    • How others rate the person’s change
    • Changed behavior
      Addictions, relationships

    • Changes in brain activity when attention is brought to a stressful issue, before and after inquiry
    • Energetic changes, for instance measured by pulse changes as in acupuncture (I sometimes notice a significant energetic shift while doing inquiry)
  • Using control groups, maybe…
    • A version of cognitive therapy (surface similarity to this form of inquiry)
    • Empathic conversation and listening
    • Something else?