Group & Individual Sessions

I offer group and individual sessions. I mostly focus on distance energy healing sessions these days, either in groups or for individuals. Although I also do occasional inquiry sessions, therapeutic tremoring (TRE) sessions, or support for going through difficult phases of your spiritual path.


Distance healing sessions using Vortex Healing is, for me, the ideal balance between effective work and affordability. Since we are offering these for groups, the cost is lower than for individual sessions.

These sessions always include clearing, energizing, and optimizing the energy system, removing karma knots ready to go (karma knots are energetic nodes along the spine that carries emotional issues from one life to the next), and bringing in divine blessings.

In addition, they have a specific focus. Here are some examples:

Clearing, energizing and optimizing your energy system, sometimes focusing on specific parts such as the chakras, meridians, or the nadi channels. 

Bringing up the essential energy reserves required for good health, such as prenatal jing, kidney essence, and the constitutional energies of the kidneys, lungs, and other organs.

Focusing on clearing an emotional issue. 

Moving and bringing in ease, flow and divine blessing for a specific area of life (relationships, health, money, etc.) 

Contact me to be notified of upcoming distance healing sessions.


These are tailored more specifically to your needs and feedback from your system during the session. These too can be focused on bringing up your essential energy, harmonizing your energy system, optimizing organs, any physical or emotional issue, or help bring in movement, flow, and divine blessings for an issue or an area of your life.

For these sessions, I use Vortex Healing which is – in my thirty-year exploration of a wide range of healing modalities – the most powerful and effective one I have found so far. In Vortex Healing, divine energy is guided by divine consciousness to bring about deep shifts and healings. I am a senior level Vortex healer.

Contact me if you have questions or would like to set up a session.


I also sometimes give individual sessions.

These can be focused on inquiry, mostly using Living Inquiry which is based on traditional Buddhist inquiry. (Sometimes also The Work of Byron Katie or the Big Mind process, if that seems more appropriate.) I am a certified Living Inquiry facilitator and have worked with the founder of the process. I am also trained in The Work and the Big Mind process.

I can guide you through the Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and give you support and feedback as you continue using these exercises in your daily life. I am a certified TRE facilitator and have trained in Norway and the US. TRE is a natural, gentle and effective way of releasing tension (and trauma) out of the system.

If needed, I can also give you support on your spiritual path. Sometimes, a spiritual awakening process can be challenging and it can be good to talk with someone who has experience with the process. This is something that has helped me during my own most challenging periods and I feel honored whenever I can help someone else in this way.

Contact me if you have questions or would like to set up a session.