Ale’s cosmic dreams and one of mine

It’s night and I see long spiral chains (DNA?) coming down from the sky. They are made up of bright radiant golden light. I see them as immensely beautiful. When they reach the ground, they turn into my parents and my aunts and uncles.

– Ale’s dream #1

I am in the hammock on our land in the Andes mountains. It’s night. I open the eyes and I see one UFO in the sky. There are then hundreds of UFOs moving around in the sky creating sacred geometry patterns. My parents and aunts and uncles are there and we all see them.

– Ale’s dream #2 a couple of days later

The night sky is full of UFOs in a kind of grid pattern. They all blink synchronously. The whole world sees it and know that a big shift is coming. It’s a new era for humanity and civilization. We go from only knowing about ourselves to be part of a cosmic community of beings.

– my dream when I was in my late teens or early twenties

These are all dreams with a cosmic flair.

So what do they mean? What processes in the psyche do they reflect?

Ale’s first dream may be the most straight forward. She has worked a lot on healing her relationship with her family and finding healing for family and ancestral patterns. The dream may reflect that healing process. Her DNA is golden (divine) and descends from the sky, and it turns into her close family.

The two UFO dreams are a little more puzzling. My best guess is that they are expressions of a shift in consciousness. Perhaps a visceral shift in our worldview, in how we relate to existence and life in general, and/or in how we experience our own nature. (All of those tend to go together.) These shifts tend to come out of an awakening or healing process, and each one is one of many in the larger process.

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The more we try to make life fit our ideas, the more chaos we create

The more you try to make it fit, the more chaos you create. 

– Adyashanti, in Ale’s dream

Adya is, as usual, clear and spot-on, even when he appears in Ale’s dreams. 

The more we try to fit life into our ideas about how things should be, and the more we push and pull and struggle, the more chaos we create. 

When this happens, it’s a sign that we are perceiving and acting from unclear parts in us. From parts that are wounded, caught up in beliefs, unloved, and so on.

And this gives us an opportunity to explore what’s going on. 

What are the unexamined beliefs this part of me is operating on? What do I find when I examine the belief or beliefs? 

How does this part of me perceive the world? 

What does it need? (Safety, love, support, feeling seen?) 

What happens if I give this part of me what it deepest down wants and needs? 

What’s the nature of this part of me and these painful dynamics? Is it different from my own nature?

And so on.

Dreams reflecting our ecological crisis: Boiled pigs

I am in a restaurant with friends. They are boiling two live pigs in hot oil to be eaten by some of the guests. I am horrified and shocked but nobody else seems to understand what I am reacting to. They see it as completely normal to boil pigs alive and then eat them.

– from Alejita’s dream a couple of nights ago

Since this dream is not my own (it’s from my beloved), and most dreams have a personal and a collective aspect, I’ll focus on the collective side here.

When I was told the dream, my first thought was that many today probably have dreams like this, and perhaps especially young people.

It reflects a growing awareness of how we treat nature, how cruel and damaging it is, and how it impacts ourselves – psychologically and our ability to thrive and survive.

These dreams shake us. They help wake us up to how we treat and relate to nature and ourselves as nature. They help us recognize our cultural power-over attitude towards nature, women, children, animals, and our own bodies and ourselves as animals.

We are in the middle of a global ecological crisis. We have created it ourselves, mainly through a too-often unexamined power-over attitude. It shakes us, including through these types of dreams. And we need to be shaken. We need to examine ourselves and how we see ourselves in relation to nature. We need to transform how we see ourselves and nature and how we organize ourselves within the larger ecological systems and this living planet as a whole.

At a personal level, these dreams may cause us to be more conscious of our behaviors in general. They may also be a small piece in transforming our worldview. They may change how we vote and what policies we support. And collectively – if we are lucky – these type of dreams help move us towards a more ecologically sound and wise civilization.

I am very curious about how many have these types of dreams these days – of cruelty to animals and nature and of ecological devastation. I imagine they are more common than we realize. It would be very interesting to collect some of them to get a sense of how our minds are processing the situation we are in and also as a historical record.

One of my own ecological-crisis dreams is recorded in this article.

As an aside, how do I see the situation we are in and how it was created? An early significant shift was transition to agriculture and the possibility of accumulating wealth and creating social hierarchy. With it came a power-over attitude towards nature, other human beings (especially women and children and those lower on the hierarchy), and ourselves.

On top of that, we created our current economic and social system (in the 1700s and 1800s) at a time where we didn’t need to take ecological realities into account. We are still using and living within that outdated system even thought our situation now is very different – we are far more people and our technology is far more powerful.

And that – agriculture, power-over, and an outdated economic and social system – explains the crisis we currently find ourselves in. The crisis is feedback. And how we respond to that feedback determines our own future and fate and whether and how we will survive.

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Wearing pink gloves when working on issues

This is a follow-up to Ale’s pink-glove dream the other night.

Since then, she has noticed a shift in confidence which is reflected in another dream I’ll include at the end of this post.

In the pink-glove dream, Madonna shows her that Ale’s pink dishwashing gloves clogged up the sink. What she used for cleaning the dishes was what clogged up the sink and made it overflow. In other words, her approach to working on her emotional issues was what made the emotions “clog up” and threaten to flood her.

This morning, with the aid of another dream, she realized more about this. Over the last couple of years, she has gone through a “dark night” and became afraid of her own emotions. They were too strong and overwhelming. (I can relate based on what I went through in my own dark night phase.)

Avoiding our own emotions – or wearing metaphorical gloves when we approach them – is an issue in itself that can cause our emotional life to clog up and threaten to flood us.

Now, with the aid of Madonna (her inner empowered woman, and the divine feminine), she is regaining her confidence and feels she can again work on her emotional issues as she did before the dark night. More fearlessly. Without gloves. Daily.

It’s a beautiful process and the dream(s) helped her recognize more clearly what’s happening and join in with it more consciously.

Here is the dream she had this morning:

I have a nice and comfortable dress and am in an open place in nature with many women friends. I feel beautiful, free, comfortable. They admire and love me. We are talking about various things, how to make certain recipes, to enjoy life. They were trying to meet before that day but it had not been possible.

We finally made it, we met. We talked about what they couldn’t do because they had things to do. One of them told me: “What happens is that you always can do”. They all affirmed this, and I said, I can’t always. Tomorrow, for example, I am very busy working.

At one point, I had the feeling of being one of them when she was little. I looked at her, she danced and felt that I was her. We laughed out loud.

Then my uncle, the dancer, plays music and invites us to dance. We dance and it seems to be the beginning of a program of activities together. I wake up.

When she woke up, she felt that she has more confidence now that life (again) can be good to her. And that she again can work on her emotional issues more directly and fearlessly.

Photo: Alejita with her actual pink dishwashing gloves!

Alejita’s dream: unclogging a sink with the help of Madonna

I am doing the dishes and cooking in the kitchen. The water starts rising in the sink, and I realize it’s clogged. I stick my hand down and find a deep hole and many things floating around. Madonna appears, gives me a pink dishwashing glove, and says that this is what blocked the sink. Then the sink drains.

Alejita, my partner’s, dream this morning

In the dream, she could clearly see and sense what was floating in the water. Water often represents emotions, and it threatened to overflow and flood the kitchen. What was floating in the water can be seen as emotional issues, clogging up the sink and causing the water to rise. (Because of unresolved emotional issues, the emotions increase in strength and threaten to flood the personality and/or mind.)

Madonna, a beautiful empowered and strong woman, comes to the rescue. She has removed what clogged the sink. Madonna is also the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and represents the divine feminine. To unclog the emotions, Alejita needs a combination of her strength and power as a woman and the aid of the divine feminine.

It’s a beautiful dream and one that applies to all of us, men and women.

There is also something about the pink dishwashing glove, something which helps us do the dishes, which clogs the sink. Our approach to dealing with emotions and emotional issues is what sometimes clogs it all up. I may write more about this in another post.

Update: I did write a follow-up to this dream.

Some connections to daily life: We mentioned Madonna the night before (Ale saw an album on my computer with music from Monteverdi with Madonna in the title and made a joke about it), Ale is using gloves when she does the dishes, she and Madonna both have Italian ancestors, and Ale and I are both very aware that one of our tasks in this life is to resolve emotional issues (for ourselves and helping others with the same) and that we need the aid and support from the divine, including the feminine aspect of the divine, to do it effectively.