Attachments vs solidarity and loyalty

Armorer: In order to master the ways of the force, Jedi must forego all attachment.

Din Djarin: That’s the opposite of our creed. Loyalty and solidarity are the way.

– The Book of Boba Fett, Return of the Mandalorian, 18 minutes in

This is an interesting topic.


We don’t really have attachments to people or places or things. We have attachments to certain stories telling us we need these and it’s terrible if we don’t. Attachments come from beliefs, issues, and hangups.

And although they come from innocence and are normal, they also function as a kind of prison. They limit our options and make us act from reactivity.

Without them, there is more clarity and kindness, and more possibilities for a range of actions.

And without attachments, we can still have friends and family and even be loyal and act in solidarity.


The question about solidarity and loyalty is who or what we are loyal to and in solidarity with.

Is it just a small group as opposed to everyone else?

Or is it to a much larger group or even life itself or something else?

We can be loyal to humanity, or Earth, or all life. We can even be loyal to the universe in the sense of the context of the universe as one seamless system that everything we know is an expression of.

We can also be loyal to honesty, kindness, our more fundamental nature, and so on.


Attachments will limit our perception and options which is why the Jedi work on having a conscious relationship to attachments and find ways for them to undo themselves.

With a more conscious relationship with attachments and a lighter load of attachments, it’s easier to live from loyalty and solidarity, whatever is the focus for our loyalty and solidarity.

So the philosophies that respectively Grogu and The Mandalorian follow may have more in common than The Mandalorian seem to think.

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Embracing attachment

When driving it often seems I’m more likely to “step back” from the “self-made me.” So I pulled off at a rest stop to share this before it fades… I noticed a string of thoughts about attachment — how obviously attached I am to my husband, and so on. The tone of the thoughts was critical — you dumb, unspiritual girl, attaching to people and things… And then a thought arrived along the lines of: why WOULDN’T I want to attach to anything and everything? And fully experience THAT??? And a ripple if what I’d label excitement flew through this body. And eyes swelled with grateful tears. Why would I want to reject anything? Even the wanting to reject. I was left with these words repeating like a sweet chant: embrace it all, embrace it all, embrace it all.

– MBG on FaceBook

This was shared by an inquiry friend of mine on Facebook. Yes, why not embrace even attachment? Why not notice it? Feel it? Allow it? Notice it’s already allowed?

And in that, it softens. Through noticing, allowing, and finding love for it, there is a softening…. a softening of identification. There is more room around it. The “velcro” loosens.

When it’s here, it’s already allowed. It’s already who and what I am. So why not consciously welcome it? Why not find love for it? Why not examine what it really is? Why not even rest with it?