A Bonnie Greenwell synchronicity

Bonnie Greenwell – along with Adyashantiy – was one of the spiritual coaches I resonated with the most. Every time I had the opportunity to talk and meet with her, it made a lasting impression on me.

She died last year, and there has been no activity on her mailing list since as far as I know.

I found myself thinking about her tonight for a few minutes and then went to my email while still thinking about her, and there was a fresh email from her mailing list.

Her daughter sent an update informing about a new kundalini audio course, and also an upcoming book.

I thought I would share it here in case even just one person finds her website, books, essays, and audio in this way.

Bonnie Greenwell: When Spirit Leaps

I have enjoyed reading When Spirit Leaps by Bonnie Greenwell, published this summer. I have known her for a while, from when we were fellow Oregonians.

I can recommend this book for anyone who would like a general overview of the awakening process. The book is written in a deceptively simple style, and there is a lot of wisdom and experience reflected in each sentence. She goes through the different phases of the process, and I especially appreciate that she addresses some of the challenges in the awakening process and ways to navigate them.

Bonnie Greenwell: Awakening Energy & Consciousness

Spiritual awakening involves shifts in both energy and consciousness. If you think about this you can see that is the essence of our existence. We are a molecular structure moving and acting through the flow of energy, and aware because of consciousness. Our brains function like receiving stations and organizing systems where we receive and store information that determine our thoughts and behaviors. So the energy in our bodies makes adjustments to release old wiring and patterns whenever a major shift in consciousness takes place, and spiritual awakening is a major shift in the recognition of who and what we are.

– Bonnie Grenwell, from Awakening Energy & Consciousness on the Awakened Living blog

Bonnie Greenwell: Kundalini and Awakening

All of these aspects of identity are invisible, known to us as thoughts and flows in our energy body. (No one will ever find your identity in an autopsy.) It’s as if we are a computer shifting all of this data around. When kundalini opens and begins to move through the system it is challenging and disorienting, as it clears away much of our identity, opening our body to a different kind of experience, one we might call prior to identification. It will eventually lead us to know ourselves as awareness without identity, which is a knowing that feels eternal in nature, and free of the stuck patterns in our history. It can be very frightening to feel something in us letting go of us. In western cultures we tend to believe this must be a sign of mental illness, but when kundalini is the catalyst it is a sign of spiritual awakening.

– Bonnie Greenwell, in Kundalini and Awakening

An excellent article by Bonnie Greenwell, giving a brief overview of kundalini and awakening.

She also has two new books which I can recommend: The Awakening Guide and The Kundalini Guide.