The three centers and the chakras

A question about the relationship between the three centers and the chakras came up for me after the phone session. I don’t know much about it yet, so all of this is from a very limited experience, and not aligned with anything I have heard or read so far.

The three centers and the chakras do not at all seem the same, but they are also obviously connected.

Three centers allowing the chakras to reorganize

It seems that the three centers allows the chakras to transform and reorganize, along with the human self in general. The belly center allows the three first chakras to reorganize within all as Spirit, within and allowing a deepening of a felt sense of all as Spirit. The heart center allows the heart chakra to reorganize to loving all as Spirit. The head center allows the 6th and 7th centers to reorganize. And my sense right now (which will probably change) is that all of the three centers together allows the throat center to reorganize.

The chakras setting the stage for soul center awakenings

It also seems that working with the appropriate chakras can set the stage for an awakening of the soul centers, inviting an awakening of the centers to take place. And, as mentioned above, that this awakening in turn allows the chakras to reorganize within this new context.

The relationship(s) between the hara and the belly center

For instance, Breema or other hara-oriented practices can reorganize the hara chakras (2nd, or 3rd, or as I experience it the three first) allowing a drop into endarkenment, which in turn continues the reorganization of the hara chakras within the new context of endarkenment, of a felt sense of all as Spirit, which in turn deepens and more fully embodies this felt sense of all as Spirit.

There must be many individuals out there who have explored this in far more depth, for instance in the different yogic traditions (maybe especially Taoist yoga) and it seems that Almaas too probably have some insights here (although I haven’t gotten that far in reading his books yet.)

Dream: having my chakras analyzed

I go to an applied kineseologist in New York City. He gives me a discount and charges me only $31 instead of the regular rate of $168 an hour.

He tests my chakras, and finds that the heart is relatively active, the 6th chakra (brow point) is very active and strong, and the crown chakra is at zero, neutral.

These days, I notice a lot of energy going on in my body from the neck down – including very active source/diksha energy and work there. From the neck up, there is just space, neutrality, emptiness.

I notice an impulse to reject this sense of space and neutrality (as if that was possible!), as it seems to have to do with a slight daze… just being, resting, doing very little or nothing. There is a should there somewhere – I should be more active, engaged, productive, focused, goal oriented and so on.

I also notice an enjoyment in it, seeing the emptiness in the head area and the activity in the rest of the body as part of a beautiful process, as a preparation for something… including becoming more familiar with the neutrality and detachment of Ground, of awakening to selflessness, and allowing more of what is not quite compatible with that to fall away.

And I notice that both of those impulses are just from stories, from attaching to thoughts about it. Without these stories, there is just clarity… peace with whatever is happening.