Craig Holliday: Frustration contains the seed of our growth

Frustration Contains the Seed of our Growth….

If we want to grow, change, or evolve in any area of our life, we have to become tired with our old way of being, we have to get to a place of frustration for being this way and channel the power of our frustration toward growth. Most of us though allow our frustration to spin out in negativity.

But if our we unconsciously allow ourselves to be negative, we won’t grow, we will simply become more frustrated until, we decide to channel our frustration toward change. Frustration is actually the feeling of our unmet potential. It comes when our True Self sees that we are not living up to who we are or who we can be in an embodied way….

If we look at this dance from a broad perspective we will see that inherent in frustration, inherent in pain and suffering is the seed of our evolution…
Frustration is simply the power of evolution twisted, confused and unmanifest. Yet when we come into clarity of where we need to go, this energy of frustration unravels and becomes the very energy of our change.

– Craig Holliday

Craig Holliday: It is not until we are willing to take full responsibility for our lives

It is not until we are willing to take full responsibility for our lives, will we be free, until then we will still be able to be a victim to the causes and conditions of this world and our ego. Through the act of claiming full responsibility, we become free and empowered to create our lives by choosing our reactions to this play, in doing so we live beyond the reactive nature of our minds, and become free in this world.

If we make this commitment, we must first be willing to put down all blame and judgement, and take total responsibility for our life as it is.

When we do this we discover how powerful we actually are, because we have taken all power from the victim consciousness of our egoic mind and claimed that power as our own autonomy.

– Craig Holliday

Craig Holliday: One day we realize that we can no longer maintain any walls between us and life

Over the years, I have noticed a great number of individuals whether they were students or teachers, (myself included) who have actually used spirituality and especially nonduality as a way to avoid life, as a way to avoid the rawness of Reality.

We can use anything, even our spiritual beliefs as defenses against being overwhelmed by the wildness and uncontrollable nature of life.

But one day we realize that we can no longer maintain any walls between us and life, and when that day comes we discover Oneness with all of creation.

We discover that the universe is absolutely good and that we need no defending against life…..

But of course we have to be willing to jump in the ocean of Life and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed and see that who and what we are is the ocean…..and therefore cannot be harmed, cannot be overwhelmed, and at one with all of life!

– Craig Holliday

Craig Holliday: The price we pay to discover this realization is giving up victimhood

Beyond the materialism of the law of attraction and the notion that thoughts become things, or thoughts create reality is the incredible truth that not only are we one with the Divine, but that we are Divine, which means we also are the creative power of the Universe Itself.

Because if we are one with the Divine, we also must be one with the creative impulse of the universe. Awakening to this truth means we can find completion and liberation beyond egoic conditioning, in our creative power, not for the sake of satisfying the needs of our egoic desires, but as an opportunity to awaken to our overwhelming power and autonomy… that we can bring forth our ultimate truth nature as a gift to this world……

As we do so, we out grow the egoic belief in victimhood or that life happens to us and claim our autonomy and power as Divine beings in a Divine Universe through fully taking responsibility for our lives; as we do so we simultaneously co-create this beautiful world as a manifestation of our own radiance.

The price we pay to discover this realization is giving up victimhood, taking total responsibility for our lives, and claiming our Divinity, a small price in comparison for discovering our innate creative power.

– Craig Holliday