Fatigue and spiritual emergencies

I wrote about this earlier, but it comes up again for me.

Fatigue is one of the common symptoms during a spiritual emergency. And there may be a few different reasons.

There is a burn out, perhaps following an initial awakening with strong energies running through the system.

There is an overwhelm due to strong energies, or wounds and trauma surfacing. Unexamined assumptions creates fear and a sense of overwhelm, this takes energy, and may lead to a sense of fatigue.

It’s part of the obscuration of the faculties (the personal will, intellect, morals etc.), it makes it so there is less energy to fuel the delusions, and this allows God (love, spirit, natural intelligence) more freedom to work on us as it wishes.

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Darkening of the faculties

A dark night of the soul is sometimes described to include a darkening of the faculties – a dampening of the will, intellect and perhaps even morals.

Since I have done the Christ meditation the last few days, I am again more aware of a peculiarity I have noticed for a while.

It’s as if the body from the heart down is light (lightness + light), and from the heart up there is still lightness but it’s also dampened, darker and obscured.

I also notice there is a clear “no” to invite light into this area. I assume it dampened so a needed process can take place with less interference from the personal will and intellect.

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