Distance healing: Strengthen your inner guidance


Distance healing March 11 & 12, 2023 

We offer two healing sessions to help you connect with and follow your inner guidance. (AKA intuition, inner voice, the voice of the heart.) 

The energetic work will focus on clearing the path for you to connect with and follow your guidance in daily life. 

And we will also have conversations and exercises to help you connect with and follow your guidance in daily life. 

We will have one session on each of the two days, each of approximately one hour. During these sessions, we will focus on clearing as much conditioning as we are allowed in your system, in order to support you to (a) connect with your inner guidance and (b) follow your inner guidance. 

Specifically, we will channel to energize and relax your energetic systems. Awaken and transform identifications, identities, and personality pieces related to the central themes. Integrate and nourish your system. Outside of the two sessions, will also do two planetary pujas to support the process, and you will be in the grid for these two days. We will also do practical exercises. 

This is the schedule: 

March 11, 2023. 9 am New York time.

First session:

  • Angelic heart to relax and center
  • Repair divine and vital web lines
  • Peace in the center of the heart 
  • Vortex Energy to energize your systems
  • Clean and energize energy pathways
  • MIJI Mantra to awaken identities related to the main issue in your systems that is not allowing you to have a connection with your inner guide and follow your inner guide
  • Clear in the chakras the main issue in your systems that is not allowing you to have a connection with your inner guide and follow your inner guide
  • Clear in the mental body the main issue in your systems that is not allowing you to have a connection with your inner guide and follow your inner guide
  • Clear in the emotional body the main issue in your systems that is not allowing you to have a connection with your inner guide and follow your inner guide
  • Crystal-gem treatment (lasts 20 more minutes in your system)

March 12, 2023, 9 am New York time

Second session:

  • Angelic heart to relax and center
  • Vortex power to energize your systems
  • MIJI Mantra to awaken what is most stuck in relation to the main issue in your systems that is not allowing you to have a connection with your internal guidance and follow your internal guidance
  • MIJI Mantra to awaken conditioning in relation to the main issue in your systems that is not allowing you to have a connection with your inner guide and follow your inner guide
  • Clean the organ that is most conditioned in relation to the main issue in your systems that is not allowing you to have a connection with your internal guide and follow your internal guide
  • Grid and angelic heart to integrate the system as a whole
  • Energy of the Divine Mother to integrate
  • Gems and crystal treatment (lasts 20 more minutes in your systems)

Channelers: Alejandra Lobelo (MI) and Pedro Lund (UAP)

Limited spaces. 

Price: 50 USD or the equivalent

Location: Where you are. This is distance healing.

How do I receive the sessions?

Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for the session. You can sit or lie down. You can also have a candle during the session, and music conducive to staying present and relaxed. 

What may I experience during and after the sessions?

Each person has a different energy system. For this reason, the reactions and sensations during and after the sessions may be very different. You may experience tingling in their bodies during the sessions, a feeling of deep relaxation, drowsiness, a sensation of levitating, you can feel the presence of ascended masters such as Christ, Buddha, or Amma, or an angelic presence. You may experience being cold or hot. You may experience peace, love, and joy. Or you may experience dizziness or nausea. All this can happen together, or individually. Some may also not experience any of this. 

Drink plenty of water after healing and the following day. It can also be good to take an Epson salt bath and walk in nature. 

Feedback: Please feel free to send us your questions and feedback, and we will also give you feedback following each session. 

Thank you for being in this work that we do for the good of each one of us and all that exists. 

For more information and to sign up, email ale.sanarconenergia@gmail.com or send a message to WhatsApp +573156163693 

Please share this with anyone who may be interested. If you invite someone to join, you will get a 50% discount for your own participation. 

Worldviews and how we experience distance energy healing

How we see the world also colors how we experience giving and receiving distance energy healing.

More accurately, how we viscerally experience ourselves and reality color how we viscerally experience distance healing.


During the initial awakening shift in my teens, I discovered I could sense at a distance (mostly medically related things) and also do distance or energy healing. Both the sensing and the healing happen through intention, and it’s the divine doing all of it. (I call it distance energy healing here since it can be done at a distance and seems to have to do with energies.)

During this time, I experienced this type of healing as happening all within and as the divine. All of it was the divine – the healer, healed, what’s healed, and so on. It all happens within and as the same whole of existence with the divine playing all the parts.

And just like all come out of and, in a sense is, nothingness and emptiness, the healing comes out of that nothingness and emptiness. It comes out of and is the ground of existence, just like anything.

I did this type of healing off and on, mostly very occasionally for close family or friends.


A few years back, I got into Vortex Healing and started doing energy healing more for myself and others. And for a while, I conceived of it as channeling. As something going into something else.

The sensing happens from here to there and outside-in and the channeling and healing also go from here to there and outside-in.

Why? I assume because that’s how they talked about it so it was natural to default to that perception. I also have a tendency to set aside my own natural way of seeing or doing things if experts say something else, at least for a while until I come to my senses again.

(To be fair, Vortex Healing talk about both of these ways of perceiving distance healing, it’s just that they emphasize the channeling and outside-in approach in the beginning since most students more easily can relate to it.)


These days, I am finding back to how it was for me in my teens. It’s still all happening within and as the divine. It is still initiated and partially guided by intention. And I experience the healing coming out of nothingness and happening within and as whatever is the focus for the healing. Similarly, the sensing happens more from the inside out within whatever is sensed.

It’s more as if what’s healed is healing itself, and what’s sensed is sensing itself.

In a phenomenological sense, it’s true since to me it’s all happening within and as what I am. It’s all happening within and as the consciousness I am.

And I also assume it’s more accurate from a big-picture view. It’s all happening within and as the divine. It’s all the divine healing and sensing itself.


A while back, I had an experience with Vortex Healing that was a turning point and led me back to my more original perception of distance healing.

My kidneys are quite damaged from a decades-long Epstein-Barr infection (mono leading to CFS), and I had trouble channeling for my own kidneys. It was as if my kidneys had a kind of shell around them and the energy couldn’t enter. I asked a more senior VH student about this, and he suggested I tried too hard.

And that led me to explore other approaches, including reminding myself that what’s inside the kidneys is as much the divine as anything else. So I invited the divine inside the kidneys to explore shifting into a more healthy form, and that worked. The divine inside the kidneys did the work.


It’s all part of the play of the divine. It’s all the divine – or life, existence, the universe – exploring, expressing, and experiencing itself as all of it. Oneness experiences itself as separation. No-thing as things. Love as sometimes and locally an absence of love or care. Wisdom as sometimes and locally a lack of wisdom. And so on.

And a part of this adventure is illness, loss, death, healing, finding a sense of wholeness, exploring energy healing, and so on.

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Christ wakes up to itself as all of it

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to be part of a beautiful healing session. My partner and I did an in-person session with a client, and since the client asked for Christ to be invited in the healing, that’s what we did.

At one level, Christ is an expression of divinity and a symbol of oneness (what we are) and our wholeness as a human self (who we are when more healed and clear). At another level, Christ has a very distinct quality and energy, different from any other expressions of the divine.

I shared the traditional Christ meditation where we visualize Christ in our heart, in front of us, at the back of us, at either side of us, above us, and below us (about 1.5m out), and rest in that noticing and the presence of Christ. (This visualization of Christ can be as a light, the figure of Christ, or the presence, or whatever else resonates with us.) We all did this during the healing session.

I chose to do the healing as I did it in my teens before I had any exposure to how others did it.

I tuned into her system and saw it as Christ. All of her system – with the kind of wounds, identifications, hangups, and more that we all have, and the specific ones she wanted to work on – is all Christ. It’s all Christ taking all of these forms, as Christ and the divine takes the form of everything we know and all there is.

And I invited Christ to wake up to itself as all of it and rested in that noticing and invitation.

Nothing needs to change. Christ and the divine can wake up to itself as all there is in our system. And that, in itself, is deeply transforming.

It was a powerful session for all of us. And our client told us the following day that continuing to do the Christ meditation had been very helpful for her.

I feel deeply grateful for this session for several reasons. One is the opportunity to rest in the presence of the divine with others in such a clear way. Another is that it reminded me of my love of this Christ meditation in my late teens and early twenties, and of the simplicity of the healing I did then. Now, it’s again coming back – as it has several times – and I love it as much.

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Like a prayer

When someone asks me what energy healing is, and depending on who is asking, I’ll often say: “It’s a prayer”, “it’s a prayer to the divine and life for healing”. 

Why do I call it a prayer? 

Because it’s something that many can relate to. It doesn’t require a lot of additional information. 

And because it’s accurate. It is a prayer. 

It’s the divine that does the healing. It’s life that does the healing.

It’s the natural healing processes of life that take place, apparently with extra support from the divine. 

Of course, there is a lot more going on as well. It involves sensing at a distance. It can involve a series of specific intentions. And so on. 

Note: During the awakening shift in my mid-teens, I noticed I could see energies. First around leaves against the background of the clear sky, and then also around humans, animals, and even inanimate objects. (Later, I especially found this useful in noticing the degree of awakening in someone’s system.) I also discovered I could sense at a distance, and especially the health situation of people, and invite in – sometimes remarkable effective – healing. For the last few years, this has taken the form of and been supported by Vortex Healing which is a form of divine energy healing. 

How I *relate* to what’s here vs what’s here

If we exclusively focus on healing our own emotional issues, it’s an endless process. There is always more.

That’s why I like to give equal, and sometimes more, attention to how I relate to my issues and the sensations, thoughts, or whatever is here.

How I relate to what’s here is, in a sense, one. And what I relate to is innumerable. So it makes sense to focus more on the former without ignoring the latter.

What type of shift am I referring to?

For me, the shift is from seeing what’s here as a problem or an enemy to befriending it. And befriending it has many sides, including the ones I mention below.

How can we invite in this shift?

I have found heart-centered practices very helpful. For instance, doing tonglen for whatever I subtly or not-so-subtly see as a problem – whether it’s a person, situation, myself, a part of me, or an experience. I can also use ho’oponopono or metta here.

It also helps to identify beliefs behind any slight enemy-image and explore these, for instance through The Work or Living Inquiries.

I can dialog with what’s coming up. Ask it questions. Listen to what it has to say to me. Get to know it. Perhaps understand it a little better. Find a new partnership with it. If it’s an emotional issue, I can see how it’s here to protect me and it’s coming from (slightly misguided) love and is an expression of love.

I can identify any emotional issues in me behind and fueling enemy-images, and explore and invite in healing for these issues. For instance, through inquiry, heart-centered practices, dialog, energy healing, or more.

I can find myself as capacity for the world as it appears to me, and whatever I see as a (subtle) problem, and see it’s all happening within and as what I am. It’s not inherently “other” and cannot be.

A version of this is that what’s here is a flavor of the divine. It’s the divine having this experience for itself.

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Energy healing, identity, and science

I discovered healing abilities in my mid-teens, used it occasionally with people close to me, and mainly kept it to myself. More recently, through Vortex Healing, I have done this type of healing more openly.

And although I know it works, and sometimes works well, it does rub up against some desired identities I have. I want to be seen as someone rooted in science, and I have often gone out of the way to explain what I am doing and interested in – meditation, inquiry, heart-centered practices, therapeutic tremoring etc. – in ways that are grounded, logcial, and fits with current science.

Energy healing, often done at a distance, cannot so easily be explained so it makes sense from a current mainstream view. To explain it, we have to bring in non-local connections, and perhaps all as essentially consciousness, or the divine.

Although this moderate identity crisis is a bit uncomfortable, I also know it’s good for me. It helps me see some identities I am still identified with and wish to hold onto. It helps me see where I limit myself, and where I hold onto unexamined beliefs.

Another side to this is that our mainstream worldview, and the content of our science, changes over time. In fifty or a hundred years, perhaps energy healing at a distance fits in with the current worldview and science. I wouldn’t be surprised, although I have no idea about the timeline. These shifts tend to happen when people cannot any longer deny the validity of what doesn’t fit the existing worldview, and that typically requires the accumulation of solid research over time.