Healing on behalf of life

When I invite in healing for myself, it’s on behalf of life.

When I heal a part of me, it obviously benefits myself, my future self, and those around me. It may also benefit future generations and all life. And I am doing it on behalf of my ancestors.

So when I do healing for myself and it feels challenging, I can remind myself of this. I am doing it on behalf of life. And, in a sense, I have the support of all of life in my healing process. 

How is this true, more specifically? 

When I find emotional healing for myself, it benefits me and my future self. It’s an act of solidarity with my future self. I’ll be better able to make good decisions and fully enjoy and live life. It may also benefit those around me since I’ll be more free of emotional issues and reactivity, less annoying, and perhaps more understanding. 

In the same way, it may benefit future generations. If I have children, they will benefit from my healing and pass it on, and at the very least not pass on the unhealthy patterns that ended with me. 

And I am doing it on behalf of my ancestors. Many unhealthy emotional patterns are passed on through generations and through our culture.  And even if my ancestors and previous generation were not able to find healing for the patterns passed on to me, I may be able to find healing for what they couldn’t (due to different times, awareness, support, skills). 

My healing can also help the wider living whole. Healing means contentment and less reactivity, and contentment allows for less (harmful) consumption, and reduced reactivity allows for kinder and more informed decisions and way of life. A way of life that takes into account the well-being of all of life. 

In these ways, all of life is an ally in my healing. When I imagine all beings as kind and clear, I know they support my healing. And I can remind myself of this and this implicit support, when my own healing seems challenging.

Beyond just reminding myself, I can call in and ask for support from ancestors, future, generations, and all of life for my own healing process. 

Note: I say “heal myself” which is partly true, but it’s more true that life heals itself. “I” am not doing it and cannot do it. Life does it. Life invites in healing for parts of itself and heals itself. 

Legal rights for nonhuman species, ecosystems, and future generations

For a while now, there has been  legal protection for some nonhuman individuals, endangered species, and ecosystems.

And it’s slowly expanding. For instance, earlier today Sandra, an orangutan at an Argentinian zoo, was granted limited human rights.

Nonhuman individuals, species, ecosystems, and future generations all need not only legal protection, but also legal representation. We need people who can give them voice in the legal and political system, and it needs to be institutionalized.

This is not only good for them, but for us too. We all benefit from a society where all beings – including future generations – have rights and protection. It will give us incentive to organize ourselves so that what’s easy and attractive is also good for life in general. And what’s good for life in general, is good for us. After all, we are an intrinsic part of the processes and dynamics of Earth.

I imagine a future society where this is a given. And where they look back at our time, and wonder how we could allow the cruelty to animals we see today, and an economical and production system that is set up so ordinary activities destroys our own life support system.