The green political compass

My mental political compass is a green political compass.

I use the traditional dimensions like left and right, libertarian and authoritarian, and so on.

Mainly, I use a green dimension. To what extent are the policies aligned with ecological realities? What’s the ecological footprint of these policies? Will they help reduce our global ecological overshoot?

Do they reflect an understanding of how thoroughly we need to change our whole civilization to take ecological realities into account? Do they reflect an understanding of the urgency?


Where am I on this compass? One answer is that…

I am reasonably far left. I support good social safety nets, fair wealth distribution, policies that take the needs of the least fortunate into account, and so on. Although I don’t mind green capitalism, it seems a pretty good way to go.

I am also reasonably far on the libertarian side. I strongly support individual freedoms in terms of democracy (a deeper democracy than most societies have today), freedom of religion, freedom of sexual orientation, and so on. At the same time, I favor strong governmental regulations of big corporations and anything that impacts nature.

I am obviously far over on the green side. I favor – and recognize the need for – a thorough transformation of all aspects of our civilization to take ecological realities into account.


A more real answer is that I see the value in a wide range of views and policies.

Each view tends to have some good points. I find it helpful to find and acknowledge the valuable essence in each, although my interpretation may look slightly different from the original.

There is an evolutionary function in each of the general views. The diversity has helped us as a species to survive and still does. Handling the diversity well can help us through our current global ecological crisis.

Taking a bigger picture helps draw something of value from a wider range of views and approaches, and it also helps us take into account the real-world views and opinions people have and deal with it all in a more pragmatic and effective way.

See more on this in the brief outline below of an integral approach.

Please read on. I asked ChatGTP 4o for a summary of these topics.

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