An I Ching experience

Synchronicities can show us when we are in some kind of flow in life. We can use them as a pointer. And we can also make use of them in the form of a Tarot or I Ching reading. 

Here is one I was reminded of this morning. 

When I was in my late teens, I got in touch with a man in Norway who became a kind of mentor for me. I initially contacted him for earth acupuncture services, we started talking on the phone, and he introduced me to I Ching

He told me he had asked I Ching about me in general, and got 1. The Creative / Heaven and 56. The Wanderer, and talked with me a bit about those two hexagrams.

Within a day or two, I went into Oslo to get my own copy of I Ching (the Richard Wilhelm translation with a foreword of Jung whose writings I devoured at the time). When I came back to the house, my first question was the same, a general question about me. And I too got 1. The Creative / Heaven changing to 56. The Wanderer. 

If I remember my middle-school math, I think it’s a one in about 4000 chance that we both got the same combination of lines. And that’s not so important. 

What’s important is that it helped me trust my process a little bit more, and it certainly made me interested in the I Ching in general. I read my copy over and over for the next two or three years until it almost fell apart. 

I also did use it as an oracle, although I quickly learned that I Ching would reflect the state of my mind at the moment more than anything else. And if I asked a frivolous question, or asked the same question more than once, I would typically get 4. Youthful Folly. 

When it comes to the two hexagrams, the first – The Creative / Heaven – certainly seemed to fit then and now. And, at the time, I remember I didn’t like that it changed to The Wanderer. I didn’t particularly want to be a wanderer. But now, looking back, I see it was accurate. I have been a wanderer both literally and metaphorically. I have lived in several places in the world (these days, I am a Norwegian in the Andes mountains). And I have a deep curiosity about a wide range of approaches to healing and spirituality and have explored several of them. 

Synchronicity: I Ching hexagram replication

When I was in my late teens, I got in touch with someone who did earth-acupuncture. It turned out he also did other things, and he became a kind of mentor for me in the following years.

He introduced me to I Ching which I loved, especially the Richard Wilhelm translation, and I read it to pieces. I mostly read it since it completely resonated with and reflected what was revealed to me in the initial awakening a few years earlier. And I occasionally used it as an oracle, or – in other words – a mirror through synchronicities. (Early on, I realized it mirrored me in the moment and wasn’t an “oracle” in the conventional sense.)

When my mentor (Aake Y.) introduced me to I Ching, he asked about me in general and received:

1. Chi’en / Heaven -> transforming to -> 56. Lu / The Wanderer

The following day, I got my own copy of the Richard Wilhelm translation, asked the same question, and got:

1. Chi’en / Heaven -> transforming to -> 56. Lu / The Wanderer

It was quite a surprise to me and helped me more trust synchronicities in general, and (mirroring) synchronicities used with I Ching specifically.

What were the chances that he and I would get the same initial hexagram transforming to the same second hexagram? Usually with synchronicities, we can’t get an exact number. In this case, we can. There are 64 hexagrams so if it was random, it would happen one out of 4096 times.

Initial I Ching experience

I was introduced to I Ching by my first mentor (Aake Y.) when I was 17 or 18 years old. It was the Richard Wilhelm translation. My mentor threw the coins when we were on the phone, asking about me in general, and got Chien (Heaven / The Creative) transforming to Wu (The Wanderer). Within a day or two, I got the same book, asked the same question, and got the same two hexagrams in the same sequence.

During this time of my life – in the years following the initial opening or awakening – my life was full of amazing synchronicities, and this was just one of many. I probably needed it to learn to trust, and trust more deeply. It seems that the chances of this happening – both of us getting the same two hexagrams on the same question – is about 4,096 (64 x 64) to one.

I seem to need “big” experiences, for instance with the initial awakening, the synchronicities, some dreams, and my first experience with Breema and Vortex Healing. Perhaps it’s because I am a bit stubborn.

Besides using I Ching for synchronicity type guidance, I found the content fascinating and read it repeatedly for the following months and years. It reflected what had been revealed in the initial opening or awakening, and the “download” that followed.

I am visiting my parents right now, and they still live where I was born and grew up, so some of these memories come back to me and I may write a few more here.

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I Ching

weinberger_texta-022516One of my favorite books in my teens and early twenties was I Ching in the Richard Wilhelm translation. I would read it over and over and soak in the wisdom reflected in the text and commentaries.

I also used it as an oracle on occasion, and one thing I discovered relatively quickly was that it was indeed precise, and it was precise in reflecting my mindset at the time of throwing the coins. The hexagrams would reflect my mindset as I threw the coins, and what this mindset was likely to lead to.

So, yes, I Ching can be very accurate. Not necessarily accurate in predicting an external situation or the outcome of an external situation, but accurate in reflecting my own mindset as I ask the question and throw the coins.

I Ching – Kun / Exhaustion

This is the I Ching hexagram I got just one or two days before the shift into giving it all wholeheartedly over to the divine – any situation in my life, everything I take myself to be.

47 – Forty-Seven | K’un / Exhaustion

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