Let it be true, and relaxing of the struggle

I keep coming back to this these days.

Whenever a scary story comes up…..

Let it be true.

I am unlovable. It will be a disaster. I will be homeless. I will be alone. This pain will last forever. It will never go away. Whatever it is, let it be true.

This approach seems very counterintuitive to most of us.

Our mind is trained to try to negate or ignore these type of painful stories. We tell ourselves, oh it’s not so bad, I am actually lovable, I don’t know if it will happen, it will pass. That’s understandable and comes from kindness. And yet, it creates a struggle within the mind between the scary stories and the negating stories and that struggle is painful. And it doesn’t get to the root of the pain that our mind creates for itself. It tends to cover it up and it returns at a later time.

Negating or avoiding doesn’t really work, so why not try the opposite? Why not explore what happens if we accept the scary story and let it be true?

When I let it be true, the struggle relaxes. That in itself is often a huge shift and relief. It also invites the mind to shift out of its fascination with the scary and negating stories and makes it possible for it to recognize itself as what it is, that which these stories and all experience happens within and as. That which the mind may label presence, awareness, or awakeness.

I also get to meet and see more closely what scary stories are there. This is very helpful for exploring them further in inquiry – whether simple and natural inquiry or a more structured inquiry.

So next time a scary story visits, why not invite it to be true? Why not try and see what happens?

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Let it be true

Let it be true.

That’s been my main pointer lately.

When I notice even slightly uncomfortable thoughts or sensations, and I remember, I remind myself let it be true.

There is a great relief in this. So much energy goes into resisting or disproving uncomfortable thoughts or sensations, and often it’s not even conscious. This pointer is an invitation to do the opposite. Let it be true, and rest in it being true for a few moments.

Whenever a thought is even slightly uncomfortable, it’s because we have thoughts about it saying it’s bad or undesirable and there is resistance to it. And the same goes for sensations. Whenever sensations seem even slightly uncomfortable, it’s because it’s because a thought says it means something, and that meaning is bad or undesirable, so there is resistance to it.

It’s helpful to take time resting in it being true. Notice what happens. Is there a sense of relief? Anything else?

After a while, we can explore it further in gentle inquiry. What images are there? Words? What (other) sensations? Look at the images and words. Feel the sensations. Perhaps ask a few simple questions to clarify what’s already and really there.

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