Meeting as Christ

In exploring meeting what’s here – the person I am with, the experience that’s here – as Christ, several things comes up.

First, the thought that this was known already during the opening or initial awakening in my teens. It was clear that everything without exception is awareness, love, God, Spirit. And yet, there were some deep seated beliefs here as well, formed earlier in life. There were beliefs about certain experiences – states, roles, situations – saying one is good and one is bad. And as these still had emotional charge, there was yet another belief saying that something has gone wrong, the clarity has disappeared.

Now, in exploring what’s here as Christ, there is a sense of deepening into recognizing whatever is here as OK and more than OK. It’s the divine appearing as whatever is here. And if it appears as if in disguise, that comes from my temporary beliefs which makes it difficult to recognize it as the divine.

Meeting what’s here as Christ, what’s here clearly doesn’t need to change.

Meeting the person I am with or the experience that’s here as Christ, there is a sense of coming home, a deep relaxation, and it seems very simple and even obvious. It’s a bit funny, touching, sobering, and – most of all – I see that if this is Christ appearing as this person or experience I cannot so easily brush it aside. Life asks something of me.

If Christ appears to me and I recoil, what beliefs do I have about this appearance of Christ that makes me recoil? What do I find when I investigate these beliefs more closely?

Christ as what comes & goes, or is always here

Two ways to approach Spirit is (a) as a state, as what comes and goes, and (b) as what’s always here, and both have their place.

Especially in the beginning of the process, it seems common – and perhaps helpful – to explore Spirit as a state, as an experience, as something that comes and goes. It gives a glimpse of the reality of all as Spirit, it provides inspiration for further exploration, it gives trust that reality is perhaps quite different from how it appears when filtered through our beliefs.

At some point, this approach may get a bit old. Experiences come and go, and it’s clear that Spirit is reality itself, it’s what doesn’t come and go. So can I find Spirit right here, in the midst of and as any experience – as the person I am with, as the experience that’s here?

Christ can be seen as equivalent to Spirit, the Divine, Buddha Mind, Big Mind/Heart, Brahman, life and reality, and that’s true in my experience. Christ consciousness is life recognizing itself, releasing identification out of the story of I. And Christ does also have a particular quality, a fiery, heart centered and action oriented quality, at least in my experience.

When I explore Christ through the Heart Prayer – Lord Jesus Christ, Have Mercy Upon Me said with the breath and heart beat so it eventually is continuous day and night, or the Christ Meditation – visualizing Christ in my heart, above and below me, at both sides of me, and in front and back of me, I initially explore Christ as what comes and goes. There is a strong presence of Christ, my aura brightens up, there is a fiery quality in my heart and on top of the head, and there is a “flame” that appears in my aura on top of the head. This can in itself be important for transforming my human self and inspiring trust and faith, and it can also shift into recognizing Christ as what’s always here – independent of any particular states or experiences.

And this exploration – of Christ as what’s always here – can be continued through asking myself how is it to meet the person I am with, and the experience that’s here, as Christ? And perhaps, is it true this person, this experience, is not Christ? 


Christ Exploration

How is it to meet whomever I am with – in person or my mind – as Christ?

How is it to meet whatever is here – noise, discomfort, hurt, pain, thoughts, identifications – as Christ?

It’s very simple, there is nothing that’s not Christ. And it works because it’s true.

– 0 –

It also helps me see how I tell myself that this person, this experience, is not Christ.

So I can explore how it is to meet that person, that experience as Christ.

And make a note of the resistant thought and take it to inquiry.

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Meeting what I recoil from as Christ

I notice I recoil from something.

It can be discomfort, a sense of hurt, reactivity, a sense of energetic/emotional congestion, identification as an I, noise, someone on the street.

And I ask myself:

How is it to meet this as Christ?

How would it be if I meet this as Christ?

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The Divine in Disguise

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.
– Matthew 25:40

After the woman had gone, Martin ate some cabbage soup, cleared the things away, and sat down to work again. He sat and worked, but did not forget the window, and every time a shadow fell on it he looked up at once to see who was passing. People he knew and strangers passed by, but no one remarkable.
– from Where Love Is, God Is by Leo Tolstoy

Most everyone is lousy at math and does that to God – dissects the Indivisible One, by thinking, saying, “This is my Beloved, he looks like this and acts like that, how could that moron over there really be God.
– from Lousy at Math by Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. Be silent.
– Rumi

Encountering the divine in disguise is a common and beautiful theme in many traditions.

How would it be to meet the person in front of me as Christ? How would it be to meet this experience – the one right here right now – as Christ?

How would it be to meet the woman on the tram, looking like a veteran meth user, as Christ? How would it be to meet the noisy neighbors as Christ? How would it be to meet someone not giving me what I want as Christ? How would it be to meet whatever is here as Christ – pain, illness, discomfort, anger, grief, hurt, reactivity, contraction, confusion, thoughts, beliefs, identities and identifications? How would it be to meet that in me I have the hardest time befriending as Christ?

How would it be to meet whatever I recoil from as Christ?

The Divine or Christ is not in disguise. The Divine is here plain as day as everything and everyone.

The disguise is in my own mind, my own beliefs, my thoughts saying something is not OK, not good, not the Divine and then taken as true. The disguise is only created in my own mind.

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