Michael Dowd

Michael Dowd died unexpectedly last Saturday. I met him the first time in the ’90s in Wisconsin, where he led an ecospirituality workshop hosted by some (amazing) local nuns, and several times since then. We were both involved with the EcoTeams at the time, and we both share a love for ecospirituality, the Universe Story, the Epic of Evolution, and so on. Over the last few years, his focus was mostly on post-doom no-gloom. He and his wife, Connie Barlow, both did exceptional and very important work, and I am sure she will continue.

On a personal note, I feel sad that two of the people I have felt the most resonance with have recently died (Bonnie Greenwell and Michael Dowd) and that Adyashanti recently retired (although he will still put things out there).

I thought I would share some resources here:

Michal Dowd – his official website with videos and more.

The Great Story – a huge amount of resources.

Michael Dowd on Wikipedida

Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World – I love this book

Interview with Michael Dowd on Buddha at the Gas Pump (2015)

A recent sermon.

Friends of Michael and Connie


If you feel moved to do so, please support Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow. You can give a one-time amount or monthly donations of $5 or more. See more information on Thank God for Evolution. After so many of us benefiting from their generosity for so long, it is now time – and opportunity – for us to give something back….!

The main way we’ve generated income during the last eight years of itinerant ministry has been through selling books and DVDs after our programs, plus the honoraria we sometimes received for speaking. Now because of my cancer diagnosis and our need to stay in one place for treatment, we are being forced to evolve from primarily itinerant to mostly Internet forms of evolutionary evangelism and education. Given that it will take time to build a viable Internet ministry, however, we still need to generate income in the next six months to help make ends meet.

Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow: The Big Integrity Model of Evolutionary Spirituality

Michal Dowd and Connie Barlow have a new podcast on the Big Integrity model. As always, well worth listening to.

A quick comment about something Connie Barlow mentions early in the podcast:

She says that in eastern models, consciousness is primary and the universe comes later. In her understanding, based on western science, consciousness is born out of the universe. And those two don’t fit well together.

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Big Integrity Movement

Big Integrity is the art and science of coming into right relationship with Reality and supporting others in doing the same. It can be spoken of as “getting right with God,” but religious language is not necessary and may in some circles be counterproductive, given the fact that so many people still have trivial, unnatural views of the divine. (Indeed, as I suggest here, atheist scientists such as PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins are playing traditionally prophetic roles in this process when they speak on behalf of reality.) Thus, I prefer thinking of Big Integrity simply as “being in right relationship with Reality”—both objective reality: the actual, physical Universe that dozens of scientific disciplines help us understand, and subjective reality: the inner realm of meaning, values, and interpretation that has historically been the focus of religion, psychology, and spirituality.

A nice post on the Big Integrity movement from Michael Dowd.

Michael Dowd in Oregon!


Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow are back in Oregon, giving a string of presentations in early April.

They will be in Roseburg April 9, Eugene April 10, Portland April 12 and 13, and Salem on the 16th.

If you happen to live around here, it is well worth attending. They are both amazing speakers in the area of evolution and spirituality, and Michael often uses the aqal framework to organize his presentations.

If you live somewhere else in the US, you can find their schedule on the Thank God for Evolution website, where you will also find audio and video snippets.

Thank God for evolution!


Michael Dowd’s new book, Thank God for Evolution, is available for pre-order. Also check out the book’s website which has articles as well as audio and video samples.

He does a great job of providing bridges from the traditionalist/fundamentalist to the rational/scientific perspectives, and between science and spirituality, all within an integrally informed framework.

(Not sure how much the book goes into the integral maps, but his talks often do.)