Michael Erlewine: The easiest dharma practice

We become aware that we have reacted, we take note that the reaction occurred, but we spend no time examining it or following it out with thoughts as to why, how, and what. We just note the reaction took place, own it as our own reaction, and right-away drop it.

(1) We become aware we reacted.
(2) We note that it is our reaction
(3) We own the reaction as ours and only ours.
(4) We drop it and move on.

As mentioned, we don’t agonize over our reaction, don’t spend time on what or who caused it, and just note that it is absolutely our reaction, and drop it.

– Michael Erlewine in The Easiest Dharma Practice

This is a wonderfully simple practice we can use any time in daily life, and that over time becomes a new habit. And, as he says, it’s pragmatic and free of any religion or dogma.

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