Michael McCaffrey: Crackhead Mentality

We’re encouraged by our society, by our culture, to adopt this mentality as the norm. By this, I mean that we’re caught in a perpetual struggle to reach that point of exhalation, in order to satisfy our cravings and desires. Take a look. Where is your satisfaction right now? Is it here? Or is it contained in a ‘something to be achieved’, or ‘somewhere to get to’? Then, and only then, can you rest fully, if only for a brief moment. And then what? Experience suggests that the voice says ‘just one more’. And so the cycle continues.

We’re all crackheads in our pursuit of what we think of as happiness. More accurately, what we’re really pursuing is, in fact, a temporary cessation of the mental agitation, the silencing of that endlessly chattering voice in our heads.

A quote by Michael McCaffrey from Crackhead Mentality. The full article is highly recommended.