Dr. Wolff on ambrosia

Dr. Wolff

I asked one of the teachers at Center for Sacred Sciences about the recent shift in experience of air and water, and he sent me this excerpt from one of Dr. Wolff‘s writings (emphasis added by me):

One day, after the evening meal and while still sitting at the table, I found that, by gradual transition, I had passed into a very delightful state of contemplation. The actual content of the thought of that period is forgotten, but as I made careful note of the state I was in and submitted it to close scrutiny, the quality of the state was well impressed upon my memory. My breath had changed, but not in the sense of stopping or becoming extremely slow or rapid. It was, perhaps, just a little slower than normal. The notable change was in a subtle quality associated with the air breathed. Over and above the physical gasses of the air there seemed to be an impalpable substance of indescribable sweetness which, in turn, was associated with a general sense of well-being, embracing even the physical man. It was like happiness or joy, but these words are inadequate. It was of a very gentle quality, yet far transcended the value of any of the more familiar forms of happiness. It was quite independent of the beauty or comfort of the environment. At that time the latter was, to say the least, austere and not in any sense attractive. This quality, associated with the air, I had, in a smaller measure, previously experienced at high altitudes in the mountains, but in the present instance the altitude was only 1800 feet and the air was far from invigorating, due to the period being exceptionally warm. However, introspective analysis revealed the fact that the elixir-like quality was most marked during the exhalation, thus indicating that it was not derived from the surrounding air. Further, the exhaled breath was not simply air expelled into the outer atmosphere, but seemed to penetrate down through the whole organism like a gentle caress, leaving throughout a quiet sense of delight. It seemed to me like a nectar. Since that time I have learned that it is the true Ambrosia.

-Wolff (Pathways Through to Space, p.2)

His description seems very similar to the shift that happened with me. It is interesting to note that he also was reminded of fresh mountain air, and describes it as a nectar (or elixir, or ambrosia), and something that is “embracing even the physical man”.

Here is something more that came up for me around it:

It is most noticeable when breathing air and drinking water, but it is also a constant stream that goes through any experience (when I eat or drink something with flavor, the flavor goes more into the foreground… although the stream is still there).

It seems related to the endarkenment shift a few months back… there has been a sense of a good deal of reorganizing happening on an energetic and physical level associated with that shift, and this – the changes in sense experiences – may be related to it.

Oddly enough, the velvety smooth, round, full quality of the endarkenment, is now smelled, tasted and tactilely sensed in a very physical way.

Other senses changing also

I am noticing that other senses are changing also, in particular a velvety smooth, round, full, clear tactile sensation. This shift happened at about the same time as with the experience of air and taste of water (on Saturday/Sunday), but as with those two, I initially dismissed it as something different with the weather/water itself.

I first noticed it on Sunday when I walked out of the car to drop off a DVD at Flicks’n Picks… a velvety smooth sensation, round, full… shifting from warm to cool, and really both at once. I remember I mentioned to my partner how different and pleasant the air felt both when breathing and also on the skin, and that I seemed to move through several pockets of warmer and cooler air over just a few feet. It wasn’t until last night that I made the connection between this and the changes in smell and taste.

There is a sweetness in it, and a sense of nurturing (even at a physical level), which reminds me of what can be described as nectar… It is very noticeable in the experience of the air and water, and the sensation on the skin has the same quality as well.

Shift in experience of air and water

I just took a sip of water, and notice the experience of the air being breathed in, and can’t get over how different it is now… It is as if I am on a different planet, breathing qualitatively different air and drinking qualitatively different water. Infinitely smooth, fresh & clear as mountain air, round, full…

Shift in taste and smell

I seem to have gone through a shift in taste and smell. I noticed it first on Saturday, when the air seemed very different… as crystal clear, smooth, round, full, mountain air. It was very tangible, and I thought it was just fresh air coming in form the coast, and rounder because of the humidity content.

But then it continued, even as it dried up and the physical air changed. And I also notice the same when I drink water… it is very different from before, and with the same brilliantly clear, smooth, round and full quality. It is very obvious (not subtle at all) and stable.

It wasn’t until tonight that I realized that this must be a shift with me, and not the air or water itself. And I also realized that the quality is the same as I experience with the endarkenment, especially the alive luminous blackness.

In the initial endarkenment shift, the luminous blackness was inside of everything and everything inside of it… everything arising from, within and as this luminous blackness. And now, it is reflected even in my sense of taste and smell…

I not only see it, but (literally) taste and smell it.

Certainly not what I had expected.

Additional note: after staying with this a little more, I see how it could be called nectar or ambrosia, which I know are terms used in some traditions, but I don’t know if there is a connection. The air and water now do have that quality, of something infinitely fresh, smooth, round, nourishing in a new way. As with the endarkenment, it is difficult for me to find the right words for it.