Out-of-body experience as a child

From very early childhood, I have had what seems to be a memory.

I see my parents, my brother, and myself as a little baby in a carrier, going on the sidewalk to the house I grew up in. It’s a sunny day, maybe in early spring.

I see all of this from above, from a birds-eye view, perhaps 10-20 meters up.

As we approach the house, I see a largish white rectangle in front of the house.

I float inside the house. I see some yellowing patterned old wallpaper on the walls in the main bedroom. I see the living room. It’s all empty. The walls are in need to painting.

In my teens, I asked my parents about this, wondering if it really was a memory. They confirmed everything. We had walked from the old house 10-15 minutes away to the new house, and it was an early spring day. I was perhaps four months old. The large rectangle outside the house was the moving van, seen from above. The wallpaper in the bedroom was as I saw it, and they painted it over almost immediately.

It seems I was out of my body here, which somehow makes sense. Another memory from very early childhood is from between lives when I was shown my next incarnation. I loved the oneness and love between lives and didn’t really want to incarnate again. I preferred this disembodied state. And that’s perhaps why I was out of body here.

Floating around: out of body as an infant

I rarely write about personal experiences more peripheral to the healing and awakening process. But I realize that it can be helpful to share a few short stories now and then. At least, it may help others who have experienced something similar feel more normal.

Out-of-body experiences are relatively well known and perhaps not that rare. My out-of-body experience (I only remember one) is slightly unusual because it happened so early in life. 

When I grew up, I had a clear memory from when I was an infant. It was a sunny and cool day. I saw my parents and brother walking along the sidewalk to our house, and me in a pram. I saw them walk up the gravel road to the house. I saw something big and rectangular in front of the house. All of this was seen from a birds-eye perspective, perhaps 20-30 meters up (today I would say it was like a drone video). Floating around, I saw the living room, empty apart from a few things on the floor. I saw the very memorable (aka ugly) wallpaper in the main bedroom.

In my late teens, I finally asked my parents about this. It seemed like a clear memory but I also knew that we are not supposed to have memories from this early in life. I gave them the details, and it turned out that everything was accurate. It was in the spring and I was 4-5 months old, and they had walked to the house I grew up in from their previous house. The big white rectangle in front of the house was the moving van. The wallpaper had been in the main bedroom, and they painted over it almost immediately. 

I wonder if I remembered it so clearly because I was out of body. Perhaps that allows for memories from infancy. And floating around like this suggests that I wasn’t all that comfortable being in a body. At least in this situation, I preferred floating around checking out the new place.