Pink cloud

When we are on a healing or awakening path we can find ourselves on a “pink cloud” for a while.

It’s understandable since many of us – at least partly – are on this path to escape suffering.

What are some of the ways we can create a pink cloud for ourselves?

Assuming or thinking there is very little or nothing left for us to work on. Either in terms of healing, maturing, or awakening, or in terms of how we live this.

What we fear: To encounter more pain. To have to continue to work on it.

Thinking that we are in a (desired) state that will last or only get better.

What we fear: To encounter pain again. To be out of control in terms of our life and experience.

Thinking that we “get it” while others don’t.

What we fear: To be ordinary. Just like anyone else. To not be special, unique.

I am sure there are many more varieties.

What’s the remedy?

To notice and face our fear. To feel it and inquire into the stories we use to create the fear for ourselves.

To recognize that by trying to avoid our fear we only create more suffering for ourselves.

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